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Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack


Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack
ファイナルファンタジー VIII オリジナル・サウンドトラック

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Compositeur : Nobuo Uematsu
Arrangé par : Nobuo Uematsu & Shiro Hamaguchi
Interprêté par : Faye Wong, Komaki Miyabe, Matsue Hamauzu, Chie Sasakura, Hitomi Kaga, Hirokazu Takigushi, Jun Suzuki, Katsuyuki Nakanishi, Takeshi Yamagami, Ayako Okada, Kyoko Arita, Chiharu Takahashi, Daisuke Hara, Toru Tabei, Tomo Matsubara, Takamura Atsuta, Otohiko Fujita, Mitsuo Matsuura, Takahito Saijyo, Megumi Ishibashi, Masahiko Sugasaka, Toshio Araki, Hitoshi Yokoyama, Masanori Hirohara, Yuzo Kataoka, Junko Yamashiro, Kiyoshi Sato, Takashi Asahi, Yoshio Kizu, Tadashi Hoshino, Ayako Oura, Haruki Mino, You Saito, Teiko Haruna, Tomoko Kusakari, Isao Kanayama, Masatsugu Shinozaki Group, Ichiro Nagata, Michio Nagaoka, Eiji Shimamura, Jun Tsunoda, Hideyo Takakuwa, Akiko Osawa, Masakazu Ishibashi, Satoshi Shoji, Kimio Yamane, Michiyo Sato, Keiko Sugawara, Eric Miyashiro Group, Isao Watanabe, Otohiko Fujita Group, Masato Matsuda, Tomoyuki Asagawa, Teiko Koshino
Publié par : DigiCube (SSCX-10028) & Square Enix (SQEX-10005~8) (réédition)
Distribué par : Sony Music Distribution (SQEX-10005~8)
Enregistré à : Sound City, Tokyo
Date de sortie : 1er Mars 1999 (réédité 10 Mai 2004)
Type d'album: Officiel
Nombre de CD : 4
Nombre de morceaux : 74

Disc 1
01 - Liberi Fatali PartitionLyrics
02 - Balamb Garden Partition
03 - Blue Fields Partition
04 - Don't Be Afraid Partition
05 - The Winner Partition
06 - Find Your Way Partition
07 - SeeD Partition
08 - The Landing Partition
09 - Starting Up Partition
10 - Force Your Way Partition
11 - The Loser Partition
12 - Never Look Back Partition
13 - Dead End Partition
14 - Breezy Partition
15 - Shuffle or Boogie Partition
16 - Waltz for the Moon Partition
17 - Tell Me Partition
18 - Fear Partition
19 - The Man with the Machine Gun Partition
20 - Julia Partition
21 - Roses and Wine Partition
22 - Junction Partition
23 - Timber Owls Partition

  Disc 2
01 - My Mind Partition
02 - The Mission Partition
03 - Martial Law Partition
04 - Cactus Jack (Galbadian Anthem) Partition
05 - Only A Plank Between One And Perdition Partition
06 - Succession Of Witches Partition
07 - Galbadia GARDEN Partition
08 - Unrest Partition
09 - Under Her Control Partition
10 - The Stage Is Set Partition
11 - A Sacrifice Partition
13 - Intruders Partition
14 - Premonition Partition
15 - Wounded Partition
16 - Fragments Of Memories Partition
17 - Jailed Partition
18 - Rivals Partition
19 - Ami Partition

Disc 3
01 - The Spy Partition
02 - Retaliation Partition
03 - Movin' Partition
04 - Blue Sky Partition
05 - Drifting Partition
06 - Heresy Partition
07 - Fisherman's Horison Partition
08 - Odeka de Chocobo Partition
09 - Where I Belong Partition
10 - The Oath Partition
11 - Slide Show Part 1 Partition
12 - Slide Show Part2 Partition
13 - Love Grows Partition
14 - The Salt Flats Partition
15 - Trust Me Partition
16 - Silence and Motion Partition
17 - Dance with the Balamb-fish Partition
18 - Tears of the Moon Partition
19 - Residents Partition
20 - Eyes On Me PartitionLyrics

  Disc 4
01 - Mods de Chocobo (featuring N's Telecaster) Partition
02 - Ride On Partition
03 - Truth Partition
04 - Lunatic Pandora Partition
05 - Compression of Time Partition
06 - The Castle Partition
07 - The Legendary Beast Partition
08 - Maybe I'm a Lion Partition
09 - The Extreme Partition
10 - The Successor Partition
11 - Ending Theme Partition

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

MI5 BBC British Bugger Children Kincora Satinist Ring

Since the 1980s, t he Kincora Scandal has been a taboo amongst Irish Re publicans and Ulster Unionists alike; - WHY?

The reason is - both Republicans and Unionists have dirty linen, which they don't want the public to know about! The fact that the Kincora children were taken to Birr Castle in County Offaly ,(in the Irish Republic, an area controlled by the IRA) was a secret our so-called betters have tried to conceal these past 20years.
My source for this vital piece of information comes from Dr. Joan Coleman of RAINS , "Ritual Abuse Internet Networking Service" , SEE: OTTAWA RECOVERED MEMORY PAGE  In a recent conversation with Dr Coleman , she confirmed to me that Colin Wallace knew about the Birr connection and that Wallace had informed a social worker of this vital fact.
NB. At some stage , I will post onto the internet all proof of correspondence from my sources which will support my information on the Kincora Scandal , the cover-up of the Rev Robert Bradford murder and the missing persons cover-ups by the RUC, Irish Police and politicians in Eire and the UK. I much anticipated reading of Chris Moore's book , "The Kincora Scandal; political cover-up and intrigue in Ulster"; probably because it is banned for sale in the UK! I ordered it through Amazon .com ; that is the USA branch of It took at least 4 weeks to arrive and when the postman finally delivered it into my hands ,I thought that I was about to open a Pandora's Box of highly sensitive and hitherto unknown revelations involving the high and mighty in Ulster and British society! Sadly I was somewhat disappointed! I expected to read the names of many high and mighty people in British society , but alas no! Chris Moore describes very well the activities of the Born Again Christian, William McGrath but he patently fails to find out about and expose McGrath's visits to London and places outside of Belfast.He paints a sordid picture of a group of homosexuals abusing teenage boys . Kincora was much , much more than that! Who did McGrath meet in London, what was McGrath told by the his British handlers that made him a font of information . Indeed McGrath had been entrusted with very controversial information as to the direction that British and Irish politics would evolve in the future, especially around the policies of the developing European Super State! Many of McGrath's predictions have taken shape! He forecast that Unionist politicians would make decisions and take the Ulster Unionist people down roads which would have been hitherto unthinkable. When one thinks of David Trimble's political turnabout, one has to suspect that McGrath definitely had a crystal ball! Chris describes the homosexual activities of McGrath, Mains and Semple but there was much more to the Kincora saga than just a group of homosexuals abusing teenage boys.Several things should have been investigated regarding Kincora! (1) Have any of the boys who attended Kincora gone missing? ( Given that some of those at Kincora may not have had any relatives, there would be grounds here for concern) (2) Was there a Satanic connection to the Kincora Scandal? (my source, who is a clergyman tells me there was!) (3)Who were the two clergy who recommended William McGrath for the post of chief administrator at Kincora?
It should be noted , Birr Castle is the home of the 7th Earl of Rosse, who is Lord Snowden's stepbrother.(Lord Snowden is Princess Margaret's estranged husband) The castle was built in the 1600's and the 1st Earl of Rosse, Richard Parsons was one of the founder members of Irelands aristocratic Satanic cult, The Hellfire Club. Many of my cult sources inform me that Devilworship is hereditary ; handed down through the generations.
The Rocket Man  Jack Parsons - related to the Birr family, was an associate of Aleister Crowley, and a prominent member of he OTO in the USA. Since the Ist Earl of Rosse in the 1600s, the Parsons family has spawned many prodigious offspring who excelled and were at the cutting edge of the sciences of astronomy, lense making, inventing the turbine engine and the development of the new concept of a solid fuel.for rockets in post the WW2 era. Werner Von Braun, the nazi rocket scientist who was brought to the USA and nutured by the Americans after WW2, said that Jack Parsons deserved most of the credit for the great advances in rocket technology for the NASA space program since the end of WW2!
Jack Parsons and the Fall Of Babalon

Jack Parsons
Simon Marsden  - Leap Castle County Tipperary - Lady Rosse and the current owner Sean Ryan took a keen interest in the supernatural conditions, which exist within the castle! It seems the interest in the occult and supernatural is indeed intergenerational within the family of the Lords Rosse!
Thought! - I have read many books and internet articles on the beliefs and the satanic practices of the elites and their secret societies and I have noticed that there is a more than average number of people in these families who have been at the cutting edges of the sciences! They have been the great inventors through the centuries whose discoveries have effected and changed, for good or ill, the politics and the international standing (power) of many nations, especially in Europe.
I would like to make a list of the great inventors who were members of high level (upper-class) occult esoteric secret societies! Leonardo D'Avinci, Boyle, Parsons - but a few spring to mind!
Question!~ Did they get their inspiration through ritual murder! When a human being witnesses a brutal killing ( the more bloody the better, according to Aleister Crowley in his Book of the Law  The Book of the Law ) it changes the human mind, the brain psychically and no doubt chemically to such a degree that the human part of the mind (conscience, compassion, love, consideration) is degraded and the result is a "person" who has no feelings whatsoever, cold as a fish! However, there is a "beneficial" aspect to such mind traumas! It clears the mind of all "clutter" and the mind becomes clearer and sees the world in a new vision -
The mind is illuminated - the new man -
The Born Again Man is Illuminati!

......................................................... Was McGrath's Tara Group used by the British MI5 and Army security for other purposes? The Tara Group was set up originally , according to McGrath , to act as a "Doomsday Resistance" organisation in the event of a British pull out of Ulster. Does this make any sense ? McGrath was being handled by the British MI5 but Tara was to resist the British and Irish in the event of a British pull out! It does not add up!
McGrath was supposedly opposed by the UVF and one of their suporters , Roy Garland tipped off the police about McGrath's homosexual activities at Kincora. However the question has to be asked; who were and are the real servants of the British MI5 and Conservative Party? Was it McGrath , or was it really the UVF?

Above: Colin Wallace (second from right) in the company of PM Ted Heath and high ranking military personel . Colin Wallace was described as a "potential" high flier and he rubbed shoulders with the rich and influencial in British military and political circles in the 1970s and 1980s. Colin Wallace worked for British Military Intelligence , Misinformation and Psyops Dept , in the 1970s . Wallace was ordered by his superiors to investigate the Kincora Boys Home in east Belfast and the behaviour of William McGrath and the other staff members. The abusers were described in Chris Moore's and Paul Foot's books as homosexuals but there are others who would prefer to use the words "child abuse" when it comes to describing the activities of those involved in the Kincora Case. The names McGrath , Semple and Mains are widely known but it has become obvious that there are other names of powerful and well-known people who have connections with the Kincora saga and whose identities the so-called authorities have tried to keep secret since the scandal broke . One such person who has been reported to have visited Kincora is Ted Heath , the former Conservative MP and British PM.
Ref:  IMF - Ted Heath visits Kincora!
Then theres this!

The Lord Louis Mountbatten - In the book ":War of the Windsors" by Lynn Picjnett, Clive Prince and Stephen Prior -
- claims Mountbatten was involved in the Kincora child abuse scandal!
Most of our supposedly ancient superstitions are no older than my patio doors -Times Online
UK Indymedia - Lord Mountbatten linked to Kincora child abuse ring
This ties in with my information from my source Dr Joan Coleman - (See above) - Mountbatten was related to the Parsons family - the Earls of Rosse at Birr Castle County Offaly.
Another name is that of John McKeague , a well known homosexual and a member of a protestant paramilitary group called The Red Hand Commandos . McKeague was associated with McGrath and TARA but there is little mention of McKeague's connections to Kincora and whether or not he was a visitor to the boys home . There obviously was a connection , as out-lined on page 142 in Paul Foot's book , "Who framed Colin Wallace". Foot says that there was a connection between the murder of a ten year old boy called Brian McDermott in 1973 and John McKeague . It was believed that there were sexual and witchcraft connections to the murder of Brian McDermott whose body was dismembered and then burnt before being thrown into the River Lagan .

The 1973 murder of Brian McDermott.
Innocent 10 year-old Brian McDermott ;
may his killers be sent to hell where they so obviously belong!
  "Disappeared off the face of the earth!"
Irelands most controversial book!
More controversial than  "Who framed Colin Wallace"by Paul Foot!
More controversial than  "The Kincora Scandal" by Chris Moore!
Mc Keague was arrested in 1973 for paramilitary activities and he boasted from prison at that time that he would not be prosecuted because "he knows too much about some people"! McKeague was later killed in very unusual circumstances and when one considers the boast which he made when he was in prison, one begins to consider the possibility that there was indeed a "witchcraft" connection to Kincora and powerful people connected to it. One begins to consider the possibility that McKeague was silenced because he knew too much about the activities of powerful people! My own testimony relating to the murder of Rev Robert Bradford bears strong similarities . Rev Roy Magee ,( whom I have on audio tape) , told me that Rev Bradford was murdered because he found out about "the activities of the rich and powerful "in Ulster loyalist circles.
Read "The Story of Jacque" on this site!  The Story of Jacque
Foot does not go into much detail on the subject of witchcraft involvement in Ulster and brushes aside the allegations of satanic ritual murder in the case of Brian McDermott and explains it as a case of an "individual sadist" taking his pleasure with an innocent boy. He also says that in Wallace's own admission , he , Colin Wallace and members of the Psyops group based in Lisburn were responsible for planting witchcraft paraphernalia in various locations around Ulster to give the impression that devil worshippers were active in the areas. This was , according to Foot , a deliberate rouse at classic disinformation to discredit Republicans . When one considers the locations of the "witchy" sites where animals were discovered skinned and dismembered , one wonders if the Repubican excuse was a valid one. The sites were located in Antrim town , a largely loyalist town and in Coleraine , another loyalist town. Recently , Rev Roy Magee told me that animals, which had been used in a satanic ritual , were found at the Tower near Newtownards in County Down , another loyalist area. Foot has either missed the real plot and the true reasons for the enormous cover-up in the Kincora case or he has deliberately and purposely discounted and denigrated the satanic allegations , reducing them to the level of fairy tale and "those things dont really happen" scenarios!
No one wants to talk about Kincora anymore , and it is exceptionally difficult to get new information on this British taboo subject published in the press . There can be no doubt whatsoever ; the truth of the Kincora Boys Home has been suppressed by powerful people in Ulster and in London but there is also a deafening silence coming from the Republicans ( the IRA activists and those who determine their policy in the Republic ) on this very subject.
It is my contention that when the truth becomes known about what happened at Kincora , to Brian McDermott and possibly other children in this case , it will clearly show that both British and Republican communities are deeply involved in the practice of witchcraft , SRAbuse and devil worship involving human sacrifice! "Who Framed Colin Wallace", by Paul Foot Kincora and the UVF connection: The Born again Christians
At the same time that McGrath was abusing teenage boys at Kincora, the greater atrocity of The Shankill Butcher Murders was unfolding.In May 1977,Gerard McLaverty was abducted by the UVF Butcher Gang on the Cliftonville Road, Belfast. This is a very important point: "McLaverty claimed that the UVF Butchers said that , quote ,"they were from the RUC"! Unquote. This should be kept in mind when one explores fully the implications of the Kincora Scandal and The Shankill Butcher Murders!!

McLaverty was taken to an unused doctors surgery on the Shankill Road , where both his wrists were slit longwise ! Why? McLaverty's blood was drained from him. ? Why was McLaverty not butchered in the fashion of previous victims? Is it possible that they wanted the blood only to be used in a Black Mass? When the UVF Shankill Butchers thought that Mc:Laverty was dead , they dumped his body in an alleyway.Unfortunately for the UVF Butchers , McLaverty was not dead. Barely alive he was found later and taken to hospital where he stayed for six days in intensive care. When he recovered , he identified 8 members of The UVF Shankill Butcher Gang and they were arrested later. One of those arrested was Bobby (Basher) Bates, who was to supposedly hear Gods word and become a Born Again Christian. The question I would like to ask is; was Bates a Born Again Christian before he was caught? I say that he was!!!! Basher Bates was murdered himself by another loyalist , the son of one of Bates's victims in later years. In Martin Dillon's book "The Shankill Butchers", he points out that the same RUC detectives were responsible for the coverup of certain documents relating to the investigations into both the Kincora Case and in the Shankill Butcher murders cases!
Black Magic and Dirty Tricks
Satanists, the Gentry and the Freemasons. Human sacrifice has been a terrible reality for possibly as long as man has existed on this world! The upper classes have brainwashed the naive and gullible masses into believing that these sort of things only happen in books and myths. History shows us that the aristocracy , especially those with old Norman roots, have been the pioneers and subsequently those with the greatest knowledge in the studies of these dark arts and forbidden knowledge! The old Norman Knights Templars, are believed to have been aristocratic devilworshippers. The Templars went to the Holy lands during the Crusades wars between the European Christians and the Saracens to search for "The Arch of the Covenent". They believed that the Arch held magical powers and those who had possession of it would be the recipients of great power and knowledge. In the middle ages , the Templars were seen as heretics and worshippers of the devil and were persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition and were bannished from most European countries for the exception of Portugal and Scotland. It is believed that the Knights Templars resurfaced in Scotland in its new guise of the Freemasons. In later years many prominent Lords and gentry , again descendents of the old Norman aristocracy, became leading figures in the Freemasons! One prime example was; in 1725 ,Richard Parsons , 1st Earl of Rosse was Grand Master of Ireland's Freemasons . At the same instance , Richard Parsons was also one of the founder members of Ireland's aristocratic Satanist cult , The Hellfire Club! Co-incidence?? I don't think so!!!!

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