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      God Of War

      Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



      Hidden cover

      Slip the cover sheet out of the game's case and look at the back to find alternate cover art.

      Move faster

      Press Right Analog-stick Forward to roll forward, then press R1 to execute a Hermes Rush shoulder charge before the roll ends. Repeat this to move faster.

      Infinite experience in Pandora's Temple

      During Atlas's Quest in Pandora's Temple, you will encounter a series of stone walls which you can climb. Several armored legionnaires will try to knock you off of the wall. Kill all of them and climb to the top of the tallest ledge. A glitch Harpy will begin to screech, and blood (experience) will start to shoot at you. It will last for as long as you stay in the area. This is an easy way to raise your weapons and magic spells to the maximum. If you look close enough by one of the treasure chests, you will see what looks like a holographic Harpy flying in one spot.

      Easy kills

      This trick requires at least a level 2 Blades Of Chaos and really helps when fighting multiple Minotaurs and other enemies. Knock the Minotaur (or different enemy) up with R1 + X. When in the air, release R1 and press Circle to grab its leg and hurl it back to the ground. The Minotaur will bounce back up, giving you multiple chances to repeat the throw. It should only take three or four throws to kill a Minotaur this way. As the Minotaurs get stronger, you will need to knock them back up by pressing the Right Analog-stick towards it, then pressing X. Note: This requires a level 5 Blades Of Chaos. This strategy works on other monsters, such as Skeleton Soldiers, Skeleton Archers, and Gorgons. Using this strategy with Gorgons may require more practice than it would with the other monsters.

      Easy experience

      When you are in the room after you decapitate Medusa for the first time, Aphrodite will tell you to freeze the Minotaurs to continue. Do not do this. Instead, switch to Poseidon's Rage and keep using it on the Minotaurs. Since you have unlimited magic in this room, get as many combos as desired. The red orbs stop appearing at 1000 hits; however you can stop the combo at any time and repeat this trick to get a lot of orbs. Keep some saved for the weapons that you will unlock later in the game.

      Unlock the Dairy Bastard costume. Then, fight the Hydra with the Dairy Bastard costume and continuously use Poseidon's Rage to get the combo count as high as possible. Because the Hydra cannot die unless you grab and kill it, there is not limit to the combos.

      Extra Magic Feathers

      After receiving Poseidon's Trident and passing through the tunnel behind the statue, there are four Nyad daughters you can find while swimming underwater. Note: Some of them are hidden behind breakaway walls. Press Circle by any one of them to kiss them. Most of them will offer up a Magic Feather, while some may randomly leave you with nothing.

      Easy red orbs

      When you get on the ship at the end of the first level after defeating the Boss Hydra, jump on the bed and press R2. Follow the commands as prompted on the screen. When the vase falls off the night stand you will get some orbs. Each time you do it afterwards, you will only get five orbs.

      When you go to find the two shields for the sculpture, go back into the room with the broken off stairs. Go up, get across the narrow boards, and pull the lever. The rope will go down and you can slide down it. Go across the rope where soldiers try to kill you. Get to the other side, then get out the Blade Of Artemis (L1 + R1). Then, get the Hades shield and run up to the ledge where you can jump off to the rope going up. A lot of soldiers will appear. Use the Blade Of Artemis to kill them all. This will give you a lot of red orbs, and more time spared.

      When you are fighting the first Ares, do not kill him. Just stab him once with his leg and let him hit you off. You should get 1,000 orbs. Keep doing this for a lot of orbs that you can use for any weapon or magic that you have not maxed out. You will need it against all the clones in the next battle.

      Easy orbs in Temple Of The Oracle

      Unlock the Dairy Bastard costume. Then, enter the Temple Of The Oracle. Keep using Gorgon Flash. Because there is an unlimited amount Harpies, you can get an unlimited amount of red orbs. Note: Each kill is worth 30 red orbs.

      Easy orbs in The Gates Of Athens

      Use the following trick to max out your Blades Of Chaos, Poseidon's Rage and Medusa's Gaze. After you reach Athens and you encounter the Oracle's image. climb up the stairs. You will see Ares for the first time. Save the game here. This will take a lot of time to do. Walk to your left down the stairs and enter the gate. Ares' fireball will break the gate, locking you inside. In order to get out you must lure a Minotaur to the switch and freeze him so you can slide out. However, do not do that and do not leave this room. Kill as many Minotaurs as possible until no more of them give you orbs. Notice that no matter how many Minotaurs you kill, they will keep respawning. You can use as much magic as desired. As long as you are in that room, the magic box will keep refilling. Every time a Minotaur comes out, freeze him with Medusa's Gaze and break him. Every time you do this, you will receive fifteen orbs. If you run out of magic, refill with the box. If you run low on life, fight the Minotaur then do the mini-game to get some health back. Keep freezing then breaking them to get unlimited orbs.

      Skull lock in Pandora's Temple

      Once you first reach the rings of Pandora's Temple, run around the ring. There is a skull-shaped lock, with a skull-shaped hollow. To open the door you must go to the sarcophagus of the architect's son. Pull off the lid and jump on the body. Rapidly press R2 and eventually the head will come off.

      Harpy puzzle

      When you are in the room filled with Harpies that keep coming out, kill them and notice that they are coming out of odd-looking holes. To stop them, use the shields of the statues in the room to block the entrance. The left statue is placed in the right hole, and the right statue goes in the left hole. Once all holes are blocked, kill the remaining Harpies. Go up the stairs to the ledge with the boards that fall off when you are going across. Do not worry if you fall, as the Harpies cannot get out. As the boards continue to fall, they will reveal the correct boards to walk on.

      Blade Of Artemis disappears

      While you have the blade out, go across a rope. When you jab you will use your old blades. When you get off, your old blades are shown in use; just press L1 + R1.

      Guards still fighting Hydra

      After you defeat the Hydra and take the rope back to the other boat with the trapped women, go to the location where you originally entered that boat. Walk the boards back and you can see the two guards fighting a Hydra head, after you killed the main head.

      God Mode

      Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting.

      Deleted Levels

      Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting.

      Birth of the Beast

      Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting.


      Challenge of the Gods

      Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting.

      Character Graveyard

      Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting.

      Heroic Possibilities

      Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting.

      Monsters of Myth

      Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting.

      Visions of Ancient Greece

      Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting.

      In-Game Movies

      Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting.


      Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting.

      The Fate Of The Titan

      Successfully complete God mode.

      A Secret Revealed

      Successfully complete God mode.

      Secret Message 1

      Successfully complete God mode in the North American (NTSC) version of the game to reveal a U.S. telephone number you can call for a message (1-800-613-8840).

      Secret Message 2

      Keep hitting the two statues at your throne at the end of the game in the North American (NTSC) version of the game. Eventually they will break, giving you a puzzle of a group of numbers. These numbers are for a U.S. telephone number you can call for a funny message (1-888-447-5594). In the PAL version of the game this will be replaced with a bonus intermission sequence featuring the events after the Ares and Minotaur statues are destroyed.

      Additional Costumes

      Successfully complete the God Of War Challenges to unlock the Chef of War, Bubbles, Tycoonius, Dairy Bastard, and Ares Armor costumes. Note: The alternate costumes also have different effects on Kratos, as listed below:

      Chef of War

        Damage: 100%
        Defense: 100%
        Magic: 300%
        Health: 150%
        Experience: 100%


        Damage: 50%
        Defense: 100%
        Magic: 150%
        Health: 300%
        Experience: 100%


        Damage: 200%
        Defense: 400%
        Magic: 100%
        Health: 100%
        Experience: 400%

      Dairy Bastard

        Damage: 50%
        Defense: 100%
        Magic: 200%
        Health: 200%
        Experience: 200%
        Infinite magic

      Ares Armor

        Damage: 200%
        Defense: 25%
        Magic: 100%
        Health: 200%
        Experience: 200%
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