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Authorised online retailers in the United Kingdom

November 24, 2011 at 12:12am

If you prefer to purchase your PANDORA jewellery online, please do so in one of PANDORA's authorised online retailers.


Please find a list of authorised PANDORA retailers in the UK here:


For online retailers in other countries, please contact your local PANDORA office. Find the contact information on the PANDORA website.

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Photo of Gold Heart Boutique - Astoria, NY, United States. Authorized Pandora Retailers
Gold Heart Boutique
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Authorized Pandora Retailers
June 26, 2015

Il più grande parco divertimenti al coperto d'Italia
Tantissime attrazioni per tutta la famiglia e giostre per ragazzi
Divertimento tra lo zucchero filato e la frutta caramellata

Il più grande parco divertimenti al coperto d’Italia

16-17 dicembre 2017
Dal 22 dicembre 2017 al 7 gennaio 2018
13-14 gennaio 2018


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