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Build Project Description

55 Acres SW facing land overlooking the Columbia Valley near Golden, BC - Canada. There is a creek running through the property. We are now building a HEMPCRETE - EARTHSHIP HUT! - a single room dome with a front room for food production and a wing extending out for snowmobile parking. Our methods of building include thermal mass/passive solar, cob, lime/HEMPCRETE plaster and wood chip clay forms as well as rain water harvesting, wind and solar power. We are snowboarders with a passion for sustainability and a simpler life. There are 3 other groups in the area building EARTHSHIP type homes - we are all young, friendly and sharing ideas. We have the facilities: Community kitchen (wildlife protected) Two organic gardens for food production, raspberries, apple trees etc Cob oven for pizza sunday! Creekside Hot tub Creekside cold pool We have the equipment: Backhoe Skid steer Dump truck High speed internet is available by satellite, to b connected in 2016 The plan is to build a community by combining skills, knowledge, resources, and human energy

Structure of My Build Project

Individual Builder (ie: Personal Home or Structure)

Building Styles Integrated

Rammed Earth
Earthship/used tires
Adobe/Mud Bricks
Recycled Materials
Local Materials
Round Wood
Basically anything we can get for free, cheap or mine on site. We use a lot recycled and surplus materials and have a wide variety of skills and resources to build creatively. No permits(permissions) required here, a pocket of freedom!!

Sustainable Systems Integrated

Solar Power
Rain Water Collection
Wind Power
Sustainable Appliances
Cob Oven
Grey-water re-use system
Hot Tub
Passive Solar Hot Water
Rocket Stove
Natural Furniture building
Wood Chip and Clay - Thermal Mass Walls

What to Expect about Food

We will provide the food

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Brian Lavoie

Current Building Status


Type of Build Project

New Structure

Projected Start and End Dates

1 May 2013

Previous Building Experience

Earthship Biotecture I work with Mike Reynolds and crew on a studio and 2 bedroom Earthship Learned tire packing, plastering, concrete mixtures, and finishing

See Videos of the Build Project

No videos
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See more Photos of the Build Project

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Prometheus Phoenix's picture

Hello! I am looking for earthship projects to travel around and work on possibly this Summer, so if you're project gets going, let me know! I would love to see the Pacific side of Canada and learn some altbuild skillz in the process!
Brian Lavoie's picture

Hi Prometheus,

Im not sure if I ever replied to you....sorry if I didn't. been super busy.

I just updated the project, you can check it out, I've added a bunch more photos, we are ready to go hard on the tire building now and we could use the help.

We will be working through till the end of october.


Damien Griffiths's picture

Hey Brian,

I'm interested in coming and helping you guys out for 2 or 3 days. I have worked with Cob in Costa Rica for about 3 months and I'm keen to help out and pick up some new skills. I have my own tent etc so I'm self sufficient in that sense. Currently in Banff and heading west. If you have any questions just give me a shout.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Danielle McArthur's picture

Hi there. What kind of building will this be?
Brian Lavoie's picture

Hi Daniel, this is an Earthship dome (passive solar/thermal mass) with loft and Hempcrete applications. Lime plaster finnish and rocket mass heater.
Greenhouse to be constructed on the front for food production and grey water treatment.
Stefan Hoffmann's picture


I like your project. Sounds to good.

Michael Beck's picture

Hey Brian, I'll be hitching from Winnipeg to Vancouver in September here...can you PM me your phone number or some way I could contact you? I'd love to stop by and see what the hell you guys are doin. Haha. Wheww!!

Alina Baker's picture

Kirsty Ellis's picture

Hi! Are you still building and in need of volunteers? I am available for 2 weeks in October and would love to help with your build! Hope to hear from you. Kirsty
steve regan's picture

Your build project ideas are really interesting to read. I myself is a builder, and some times I get inspired by your ideas and put some thoughts of you in my building plans maid service san jose buildings, which always turned to a success. Keep sharing such informative articles.
Steven Rogers's picture

Now this is one point that you will have to keep in mind before you start your work “Basically anything we can get for free, cheap or mine on site. We use a lot recycled and surplus materials and have a wide variety of skills and resources to build creatively.” Follow it and you will achieve our goal. ( how to stop snoring )
Sandy maria's picture

Very nice project. From your description about your project I got the idea about your project. The structure of the project and the building styles are very good. All the best wishes for your project. I am sure that it will become success. hotels catalina island
Steven Rogers's picture

Now this is one point that you will have to keep in mind before you start your work “Basically anything we can get for free, cheap or mine on site. We use a lot recycled and surplus materials and have a wide variety of skills and resources to build creatively.” Follow it and you will achieve our goal. how to stop snoring
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[COMPARISON] Archos Gamepad & JXD S7300B

February 19, 2013 Deen0X Android Gaming Devices 30,582 comments

Comparison between the “Archos Gamepad” and “JXD S7300B”


Note: This is a google translated version of the original article.

Using this article

It allows you to use this review, either by copying or referenciándola link to anyone who wants it, with the only condition that remains the author and a link to the original source of this review, which is cited in the following section .

Source and update the information in this article

The original article (in Spanish) is on Deen0X’s blog .

For updates on this article, I suggest visiting one of the links above.


For some time they are on the market these two devices, which have not gone unnoticed by a lot of users, both those who follow the world of consoles android, as a lot of new accounts for these consoles, and is not to deny that the release from Archos has helped many people who were unaware of the existence of these devices, discover new leisure alternatives is that Android allows much in this field, and the number of games emulators developed for this operating system, but in most cases an alarming failure when implementing controls for these games, as the solutions joysticks and virtual buttons still tend to be solucinoes provide experience that can offer portable consoles as well known as those of Sony or Nintendo.

To clarify that, from my point of view, do not think these Android consoles are direct competition for current PSVita or 3DS, since the type of experience offered is aimed at different types of consumers, but I think if it continues along the same course, and as rapid progress in terms of Android hardware refers not surprise me to see in a time more multi platform titles that include alternative android versions.

Well, at this point, this article will focus on making a comparison as objective as possible on my part between consoles “Archos Gamepad” and “S7300B JXD Gamepad 2″. I do not intend to make an item of contention between the two consoles, but to show the differences between each of them to anyone looking for this information according to their own parameters assess which of the two alternatives is the one that fits your needs and tastes.

This I mention because it is very subjective valued aspects of a device against another, for example, a person may be decisive for the battery life, but another may be the brand and its support, or that the evidence benchmarks give high scores, or simply be ergonomic. Any weighting factor will have a personal subjective and, based on this, each differently valued in each of these devices. I just comment on objectively (insofar as possible) the differences between these alternatives, and the points which in my opinion should be considered.

Tech info

The following will list some of the data from both devices, but only those that I consider relevant:

Archos Gamepad

  • CPU: Rockchip RK3066 ARM CORTEX TM Dual-core A9 at 1.6 GHz
  • GPU: Mali400MP4 (quad-core)
  • Salida TV: 1080p (Múltiples tamaños de pantalla)
  • Battery: 3000mAh *
  • Weight: 330gr

Product Official Website

Device Review

* This information is not offered by the manufacturer on the official website, so I had to research on the internet on various sources to get this information.

S7300B JXD Gamepad 2

  • Amlogic MX (Cortex A9 CPU), Dual core, 1.5GHz
  • GPU: Mali400MP2 (dual-core)
  • TV-out: 1080 (fixed screen size)
  • Battery: 4000mAh
  • Weight: 408gr

Product Official Website

Device Review

At first glance, one can see that the Archos Gamepad is technically superior, except for the battery, which already explain later.

However, these data mean? Comment by parties try each of these points.


The CPU is mounted by Archos faster than the JXD, and this is undeniable. The Rockchip RK3066 generally pays more or Amlogic merjor the MX, but also on the Archos, the 1.6GHz chip and goes really smoothly, no crashes or overheating by using the CPU at this speed.

However, some instability has been noted in the Amlogic MX, basically by a lack of a suitable cooling system, which involves a more noticeable heating devices mounted on the chip, and therefore it is possible that several crashes These chips are suffering due to lack of ventilation / heat dissipation.

Therefore, normally the MX Amlogic (and earlier too) are often making a downclock, ie slow down the CPU work speed limit) so it does not overheat and thereby gain stability in the system .

In the case of the JXD, with some tools could be interpreted that he was working at 1.5GHz, the reality is that the factory firmware came “castrated” (downclocked) at 1.2GHz, to try to win estabiliad in a system of at does have some problems in the implementation of Android (operating system)

Still, lowering the clock speed to 1.2GHz, the system is quite stable and, although not directly comparable with the Rockchip 1.5GHz is enough to run most applications (games) and emulators existing in the store , and only notice a difference in favor of the Archos machine in some specific titles, and in very particular conditions, such as games that require heavy use of CPU + GPU, and also respond appropriately to user interaction with controls ( genralmente on screen)

Practical example: playing Nova 3, in some points of the game are noticeable in certain JXD relentizaciones, while the Archos is better. (It does not imply that there are no such relentizaciones the Archos, but more often simply notice the JXD)

Now, for normal use, both processors are powerful enough to run most games and, except for occasional relentizaciones discussed above, should be sufficient for an entertainment and leisure as we are analyzing.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that in the Android scene, have more support Rockchip mounted devices that Amlogic, and therefore it is easier to find ports of custom roms, custom recoverys or similar devices with Rockchip Amlogic.



It is another important factor, technically speaking, and that can make a game be achieved more or less fluid.

Both devices mounted a graph of the same family, that is, a Mali400, but the difference lies in the nuclei of each.

In the case of the Archos has a Mali400MP4, ie four cores, and each running at 250MHz, giving as a hypothetical maximum overall 1GHz GPU.

For its part, the JXD has Mali400MP2, or what is the same, two cores, but each of them running at 400MHz, which places it in a hypothetical maximum of 800MHz GPU.

With the above, it appears that the maximum speed between the two differs only 200MHz GPU, and this only if all the cores condicoines to be working hard, and all at once.

Therefore, this GPU speed difference is not so critical, but if it is to have 2 or 4 cores. The end result, in the case of the Archos, is that you get a smoother performance, more fluid, especially in games that require graphics power (such as the Nova 3).

The combination of CPU + GPU, generally is decisive in order to obtain better overall performance of a tablet or as in this case, a console, and most likely be a consideration when comprarar and look for the best alternative , but reiterated that both processors + GPU are powerful enough to move most of the current catalog of existing programs and games on the market, in addition to supporting most existing emulators.


Both devices feature Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” operating system, but there is a clear difference between the two implementations.

The operating system in the case of the Archos Gamepad is much more refined than JXD, and in this respect is that Archos has enough experience generating good adaptations of Android to their devices.

Moreover, as Archos has managed to demonstrate, when their products have presented a major problem, as the original problem Gamepad and overlaps, and that in a few days were able to respond with a system update that almost 100% solved this problem , in addition to adding modifications significantly improved the use and experience of your console, is a very to consider.

For its part, the problem JXD can have the same effect is that it is a company that takes little time each new products to market, and their operating systems fail to be mature enough to consider that their operating systems are sufficiently refined , so you always have a “but”, but fortunately many of these details have been addressed by the scene that have had their devices, and “custom firmwares” (android operating systems modified to improve overall) has managed to get more advantage offered by JXD hardware.

For the S7300B, apparently JXD has taken a new direction in the way they respond to their customers, and that from the moment of taking the console market detected some problems with some directional bindings pressing the D-PAD and the manufacturer responded with two updates to fix it. This is setting a precedent in this company, as they have previously been more attentive to what users of their products say, is that Asian companies in general are not given to hear these claims or demands.

I hope (and I guess we all hope) that this is not just an illusion, and that the manufacturer be more involved with the requests of the users, to improve their product actively.

Considering the above, it is clear that Archos has going for the importance of its globally recognized brand, and who therefore must know how to maintain this recognition offering solutions to the problems of their products and, until now, have been see reflected in updates that have directly addressed the problems identified, and have known how to solve them effectively, maybe not 100%, but if most of you I was able to solve (most software related problems)

JXD it is difficult, but not impossible. Over time it has won many users of their products, without being exceptional in quality, have been interesting enough to get people’s attention on them.This is being reflected in the company that lately, either actively or passively, is attentive to the advice and recommendations that can be done to improve their product, and although this does not guarantee that ultimately implement any of these suggestions, in this If your operating system, at least it is a step that I personally consider important as Asian companies (Chinese in particular) are not given to pay attention to this kind of feedback from users.

It is worth to mention that a few days ago, the people of JXD reviewed the alternative of seeing the possibility of releasing sources, in this case, S7300B, and follow the example that other companies that have made a major dent in the community through this type of support / ease with users, and is to release the sources involves a number of improvements that they can make the system users, creating a customized version of the operating system and optimized specifically for the device. This step is the most important and make a difference in this company with the rest of its competitors.

Just wait and see what we commented on 20-February, when they will meet to discuss this issue.

For now all I can say is that the Archos operating system, which is certainly better implemented and optimized than JXD.



Regarding the battery, we have to consider two factors.

The first and generally the most important is the total capacity of the battery that the device is incorporated. In general, the more mAh have, the better.

The second factor, but not least, is the way in which the system can optimize the use of the battery, and you do not get anything to have a large capacity, if the system is mounted where much of it wasted and achieving low duration.

Starting with the first point, data from the Archos battery Gamepad are quite complicated to get officially, that is nowhere explicitly specify the battery capacity, and not even a reference to the number of hours of use (data typically have these devices), but if we stick to use what is normal for this device, and that is basically playing moderately advanced Android games, 3D-intensive and, above all, despite that nowhere in the advertising and marketing of the product is explicitly referenced, Emulators using the approximate in my tests came just after 2 hours of use, with some exceptions that perhaps if it came at 2 hours ½.

Incidentally, and for more information from the battery of the Archos, there is another interesting article arctablet , which has several tests on the machine and it is quite instructive to read.

Keeping track of specific information Gamepa Archos, internet browsing I also encountered another page containing an article very interesting for a modding battery in this device (and put a compatible battery of 4700 mAh), and in which a picture is, I understand, is the original console.


As can be seen, there is no specification in battery capacity on the same, only the voltage of 3.7v

Even so, based on what the user says that thread (which probably knows more about these issues than I), has been mentioned in some places that the battery is 3000 mAh, but that in his opinion, is closer to 2000 mAh.

As I have seen some references to other sites that the battery is 3000 mAh mounted, I will take this as a reference for the following comparison (although personally, I think the 2000 mAh opinion should not be too far from reality, seen the battery life in normal use tests of the tablet)

Meanwhile, the battery information of JXD S7300B is not supplied by the manufacturer on their official website, nor are there references to the number of hours of use each charge can last.

Having the experience of having tried several Chinese manufacturing products, and low cost, was ready for a battery of short duration, even shorter than the Archos, but I must say that when you eat the console in your hands and noticed its weight, I concluded that this weight could correspond precisely to the inclusion of a longer battery life of which was used to seeing.

Looking for information, I found it relatively easy to find the data of this battery, and it is found that in dingoonity a thread where a user has opened the console, and where information is clearly mounted battery.


The battery can be read is of 4000mAh and 3.7v, so I will take this as a direct basis for comparison below.

Archos Gamepad:  3000 mAh

JXD S7300B:  4000 mAh

At first sight it can be seen that the battery is mounted JXD larger capacity, which in principle may mean that the length is greater than S7300B Archos Gamepad.

If we now consider what I said about the operating system, we already know that the Archos is better than JXD even so Archos can not get a good battery life, and in similar conditions (brightness, sound, speed CPU) can achieve a much greater length in the JXD, which according to the conditions and used games, could even almost double the length of the Archos.

Therefore, it is concluded after the data easily identified, and with the items I mentioned, that the battery is higher than JXD Archos, and provide a better overall experience for a device that is supposed to be one of its strengths is that it is “portable / laptop”

Note: In the current parameters in terms of battery life, is understood to exceed 4 hours of life is “acceptable” (although it insufficient grazing), and any device that fails to provide this minimum amount, has a major flaw in this aspect.

Taken as reference for this conclusion, the current duration of modern consoles like Nintendo 3DS or PSVita, that aside from the items that are on the duration of both in tests with normal use of either autonomy than (just ) 4 hours.

Design, Ergonomics and Controls

Analyzed in a single section these three parameters, since I believe they have much to do with each other as to separate them and treat them individually.

Archos Gamepad

Archos has a very unique design, which some users may like it and some do not, but whatever the design is ergonomic when using the tablet, holding it by the edges.

Using it in portrait mode is a bit complicated, if we have it in this way on a surface like a table. (Eg, to read a book or comic)

Where fault is in the design of the tablet itself, and is having three major problems, from my point of view:



[*] D-PAD. No D-PAD is a real, but are 4 buttons simulating one, and that are far apart, so it costs to make the diagonals in general. [*] Position of L2 & R2 buttons, which is very awkward to use effectively, in addition to press these buttons by mistake is very common, as they are too close to the D-Pad and action buttons.


[*] Position of analog. As I said in the review, the position of the sticks is such that whatever way we put our hands will be uncomfortable to use these sticks.

About problems that have arisen in the controls, in the original firmware console had a severe overlapping buttons, many users complained about this point until Archos released an update that corrects this problem almost completely.

Currently there is still overlap, but are much less noticeable and in practice many users do not have realized that this problem still exists.

In the current state of the console, it is possible:

  • Move the D-PAD in all directions, and their diagonals. (Not counted movements that make no sense, like pressing left and right at the same time, this is not natural in a D-PAD)
  • Press any combination you can do with the action buttons (X, Y, A, B), with either 2, 3 or 4 buttons pressed at the same time.
  • Move the D-PAD in all directions and its diagonals, while any combination of the action buttons

Where you start to have problems is when we press the 4 action buttons, move on a diagonal and in this situation we press a trigger. This button is not recognized by the system, or disable the other, etc..

This problem is more serious, because in practice it is very difficult to find a title that you need all those buttons are pressed simultaneously.

JXD S7300B

For its part, the JXD not ergonomic, since the rectangular design is not conducive to comfort, when taking the console around the edges, but on the other hand allows the straight vertical use more “natural” (although taking care to press a trigger button)

The overall design has good (though improved) controls distribution, leaving the triggers L1, L2, R1 and R2 in the corners of the tablet, which is more “natural” for anyone used to using control consoles.

The sticks are positioned so that it is convenient to use together with the triggers.

In contrast, it is the position of the D-PAD, aglunas that people will be “strange” that is below the analog stick, but after analyzing the situation, from my point of view I think it is the best distribution for this particular device .

What is affected by the design is the use of the action buttons, along with the triggers, especially the R1 and R2, and is left far down the tablet, while sometimes difficult to find these buttons while you are pressing the triggers.

I think you need to get used to this distribution to properly use all device controls.

After analyzing both consoles, I personally think that the distribution of the JXD controls is more appropriate for a user searching for a closer experience to a handheld.

Mapping tool controls
Believe it or not, I think this is very important to compare too.

Archos Mapping Tool

Archos tool has received several updates since the release of this product.

These updates are performed by the same store, and the mapping tool is an application Archos system, and therefore can be updated as if it were any other application.

In its evolution, some errors have been corrected, and generally fulfills its purpose very well, being a fairly complete tool, but you can always add more functionality.

JXD GameKey

For its part, the JXD mapping tool is a tool that does the job, but with many gaps.

It is implemented in its interface and configuration using the analog sticks console

Nor has way to map the Select and Start.

The left stick and the D-PAD, as I have come to tell me, have been linked via software (share functionality) so the left stick can be “mapped” using the mapping tool, but of course, with this we linked both the D-PAD and the right stick, and in games that support these two controls, you can not use these features separately. Now comes as a Modern Combat example, that the analog sticks are configured to move the character and aim, while the D-PAD is used to switch between weapons.

There is also the example of the implementation of ePSXe, which can be set directly on the emulator analog. (Which is currently impossible, from the way they are implemented in the O comfort and JXD)

This tool is “embedded” in the kernel of the device, so to update, you need to flash the entire operating system, which obviously is not at all comfortable

The truth is that they wanted to compare the screens of both devices, because I do not have tools that allow me to make correct measurements on this subject, but by applying a little ingenuity I found a test method that can serve as a reference for that As they are talking.

Using the

Red Light Meter, (on my phone) I have uploaded an image of a white background (on consoles), and consoles have set the minimum and maximum, and pasting the mobile device screen these are the results obtained (Note: I used the default values ​​listed in the application):

Arcos Gamepad

min = 8 LUX (EV = 2.68)

Max = 153 LUX (EV = 6.94)


JXD S7300B

min = 2 LUX (EV = 0.68)

max = 61 LUX (EV = 5.61)


Just to have something to reference, I’ve done the same test

PC Monitor

min = 67 LUX (EV = 5.74)

max = 113 LUX (EV = 6.50)


I honestly do not really know which are each of the values, but that LUX is a unit of measurement (brightness), so it is very easy to see that Archos actually has more brightness Gamepad that JXD, and something that at first glance you can see.

And about angles, little can be said. both screens have problems when viewing from below, but as I said on more than one occasion, I personally think that the screens are suitable for the type of use that will be given to this device, which is basically playing.

Summary and Conclusion

There may be more parameters to be considered for a more complete comparison, but I think I said what I think is most important in each device.

If we stick to the data obtained in the comparison, we have to Archos:


  • It is superior in hardware (CPU and GPU), and is reflected in the fluidity with which the game moves, and the overall interface.
  • The brand itself is a good argument for paying attention to your product.
  • It can be bought in store (Europe), with all that this implies (local warranty, etc)
  • It has been noted Archos people willing to quickly solve the most serious problems that have been found in the console.
  • Quite optimized OS.
  • Mapping tool quite complete and configurable profiles that automatically saves.


  • D-PAD false (there are 4 buttons that emulate a D-PAD).
  • Very uncomfortable and unpleasant position of the L2 and R2.
  • Sticks positioned so that it is not entirely convenient to use the device
  • Battery. Barely reaches 2 hours of continuous use in games like Nova 3
  • No rooteada comes standard, so you have to install some custom firmware if we have root privileges, since traditional methods fail to properly rooting console.

From the negatives, the most negative of them is that they are points that can not be solved by going through the design of the device.

And by the JXD device:


  • Oriented design veteran players
  • Battery life, which exceeds four hours.
  • Analog Sticks comfortable for normal use of the console.
  • D-PAD in a position, with good response and a good size.
  • Hardware powerful enough to run most (if not all) existing applications currently in the market, including games like Nova 3.
  • Rooteada comes standard, so you do not have to do anything unusual in this regard.


  • According to used games, and that kind of control, the triggers can be very separate from the other buttons.
  • Very little operating system optimized and implemented.
  • Insufficient mapping tool, which even includes the analog or the Select and Start (at the time of this writing at least)
  • Using Amlogic SoC, which together with poor implementation and optimization of the operating system makes the system cuelguie often, especially with the use of wifi.

It is considered as very positive, in the case of JXD, who are considering releasing the sources, but until you do it and see what sources are finally released, I will leave positive-slope as this.

To take into account, for both consoles, is being generated on a roll in terms of scene (android kitchen), and are coming some time for this dispostiivo custom roms, which is always a very good indicator, since it implies that Besides the support they can offer officially the manufacturer, there is also an unofficial support, which is reflected in the appearance of these custom roms usually substantially improve the performance of the devices, often adding support for new functionality

With the above, I believe are the most remarkable, and each person must weigh their priorities and set them according to which device best fits every need.

It is quite possible that for some users, which is more powerful Archos about the JXD Hardware, is a determining factor when deciding whether to buy it or not, but for others the design and position of controls, or simply because it has a D-PAD in conditions justify buying a S7300B.

As last guide, I think the Archos Gamepad is more oriented to people who want to use the console to play games mainly Android, and casually, if not demanding, retro-gaming (emulators)

For its part, the S7300B JXD think is more oriented to gamers on controls, and have some experience adjusting gaming devices for the console such as manufactured which is not prepared or optimized to get better advantage of the hardware, and no need to adjust things on the tablet to start to go fine. In this sense helps a lot to install custom roms, which help to maintain, above all, more reliable system.

Final Words

I hope this article will serve to clarify (not confuse) the doubts that may exist between one or the other device, and thereby determine which device is the one that best meets the tastes and needs of each.

This article I wrote with the sole intention of trying to help those seeking information on these two devices to determine which of them is the one they want to purchase.

Any corrections to the information in this article, I’ll be happy to address it.


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  • Archos Gamepad
  • JXD S7300B


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