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Comic Book / Corto Maltese

"When I want to relax, I read essays by Engels. When I want something more serious, I read Corto Maltese."
Umberto Eco

Corto Maltese is a graphic novel series by Hugo Pratt, and one of the most famous examples of the French-Belgian comics school at its best (even though the author was actually Italian). The best-known adventure, Una Ballata Del Mare Salato (The Ballad of the Salt Sea) made Le Monde's "100 Books of the Century" list.

The title character is a fictional adventurer active during the years before, during and after WW1. Born of a sailor from Cornwall and a fortune-teller from Gibraltar, Corto Maltese has a lifelong case of wanderlust and travels across the world as a gentleman of fortune, treasure seeker and occasional pirate. His recurring sidekick is a psychopathic Russian named Rasputin (who coincidentally does look like the historical Rasputin).

An Animated Adaptation was released in 2002, Corto Maltese et la Cour Secrète des Arcanes, and Canal+ adapted six of the shorter stories into the 30-minute episode format too.

If you've never read the comics but the name sounds familiar, it's because Frank Miller used the character's name as that of a fictional country in The Dark Knight Returns, which was in itself given a Shout-Out in the '89 Batman film as well as the Arrow series.

A new Corto Maltese adventure, by Blacksad author Juan Diaz Canales and Ruben Pellejero, was released in 2015, Under The Midnight Sun. The series can be purchased in the States via IDW Publishing: Under The Sign of Capricorn, Beyond The Windy Isles, and Celtic Tales.


  • Alas, Poor Villain: Several villains get strangely dignified deaths, like the Countess in The Movie.
  • All Myths Are True: Corto gets to meet mythical creatures from plenty of different folklores.
  • Anti-Hero: Corto is an early example of this.
  • Armies Are Evil: Corto meets his share of power-hungry warlords and unsavory military officers.
  • Art Evolution: As the book progress, Pratt's art becomes increasingly less detailed and more stilized and cartoonish.
  • Artistic License

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