Confirmed: Pandora CEO and CFO are both leaving the company pandora company

June 27, 2017:Confirmed: Pandora CEO, president and CMO are leaving the company

Speculation that Pandora CEO Tim Westergren was about to step down was correct – and the streaming service’s president Brian Herring and chief marketing officer Nick Bartle are also leaving the company.

Pandora announced the news this afternoon, following rumours over the weekend about an imminent changing of the guard at the top of the company.

“Tim Westergren has decided to step down from his position as CEO and the board of directors will begin a search for a new CEO immediately,” announced Pandora.

“CFO Naveen Chopra was named interim CEO. With these changes, Westergren will also no longer be a member of the Pandora Board of Directors.”

Westergren issued a statement as part of the announcement, which represents the second time he has stepped down from the company he founded.

“I came back to the CEO role last year to drive transformation across the business. We accomplished far more than we anticipated,” he said.

“We rebuilt Pandora’s relationships with the music industry; launched a fantastic Premium on-demand service, and brought a host of tech innovations to our advertising business. With these in place, plus a strengthened balance sheet, I believe Pandora is perfectly poised for its next chapter.”

The news follows satellite-radio firm Sirius XM’s recent agreement of a $480m investment in Pandora, while the streaming service also agreed to sell its Ticketfly ticketing business to Eventbrite for $200m.

Pandora’s board also had its say in today’s announcement, with board members Roger Faxon and Tim Leiweke issuing their own statements as part of the announcement.

“Over the past several weeks, the board has taken a number of steps to refocus and reinforce Pandora. As listeners continue to move from traditional terrestrial radio to more dynamic and flexible offerings, it is the board’s belief that this transition continues to present a massive opportunity, and that Pandora is in an ideal position to capture an increasing share of this audience,” said Faxon.

“With digital radio at the core of our business, and both Plus and Premium as new, integral parts of our arsenal, Pandora now has all of the tools necessary to capitalise on this opportunity. With our comprehensive suite of offerings and a refortified balance sheet, we will be able to more effectively recruit listeners, and we will be able to provide them with more of the content they want and the services they desire in order to better retain them.”

“Tim stepped in to be CEO at a critical time for the company and was quickly able to reset relations with the major labels, launch our on-demand service, reconstitute the management team and refortify our balance sheet by securing an investment from Sirius XM. We support Tim’s desire to identify a new CEO for Pandora’s next stage,” added Leiweke.

Today’s news was accompanied by the announcement that former MTV, Sling Media and MySpace exec Jason Hirschorn, whose latest venture is email-newsletters startup ReDEF Group, is joining Pandora’s board of directors.

“Jason is a uniquely talented individual who brings highly relevant consumer media experience to our board and will lend valuable counsel as we focus on driving long-term value for our shareholders,” said Leiweke.

As we have noted in recent days, the big question for the music industry is what happens next? Will Pandora’s next CEO continue Westergren’s strategy of pushing into on-demand music – with global expansion also on the cards? Or will they refocus back onto the US and the free, ad-supported radio-like tier of Pandora? Time – and the identify of the new boss – will tell.

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For Pandora users, the party's over: Company to limit free mobile listening


Feeling the sting from rising royalty costs, Pandora has decided to limit the amount of time listeners can stream tracks before paying the piper.

If you're using the Pandora app on a phone or tablet, you'll hit the wall at the 40-hour mark, at which time you'll be asked to fork over 99 cents for the rest of the month.

Will this move pull the plug on the soundtrack to your life? For the vast majority of Pandora's 65.6 million users, Pandora doesn't believe so. In a company blog post the company claims that the average user listens for 20 hours per month on the go, and that overall this move will impact less than 4 percent customers. Still, that's over 2.5 million people.

The reason Pandora is putting up a paywall now is because the company is being forking over more money for the music it streams to mobile devices. Per-track royalty rates increased 25 percent over the last three years, and they're expected to jump another 16 percent over the next two years.

Pandora listeners who don't want to put up with ads or worry about hitting that cap could always upgrade to the premium Pandora One service, which costs $3.99 per month for $36 per year. What remains to be seen is if this limit will cause more music lovers to defect to alternatives like Spotify or the newly redesigned Slacker.

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Pandora Technology

Development Services / Formely known as Pandora Interactive

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Use space to switch from one to the other. While playing the man on the ground hold shift to run and left click to yell at the mindless sheep to guide them to their proper positions. Ctrl grabs them and throws them around and when you feel ready, the observer can summon the gods using the END key.

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Game Design by Timmy Gilbert, François Mauge and Vincent Schneider
Sound by Vincent Schneider

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You will have to move around from station to station if you never wan’t your gun to stop firing.
Do your job well and Orgulite culture will  be grateful for your service.


Instructions :
Loading : The three buttons on the ground allow you to chose your ammo types. Input commands by jumping on the pads using SPACE (A for 360controller).

Cleaning : Jump on the button to stop firing and open the door. Go into the cannon to start cleaning automatically. The longer you stay inside the cleaner it will be.

Pressure : Activate the pressure valve once using Lctrl (A for 360 controller) to start building up pressure. Press Lctrl again to close the valve. Be mindful of the latency.

Tickers all around provide information about ennemy waves. Certain ammo types work better for certain ennemies.


Watch this video commentary for detailed instructions :
Scoreboards are available here :
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Highscore Server Programming by Fabien Kalinowski.

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Left Click to Move/Use
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I key for Inventory


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PS : The submitted version is kind of rough, tell us what you think of it … We’d really love to add more chapters and multiple deaths to the adventure of Beaver McGnawingbut.



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See the ludum dare entry page


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Team :

Chevalier Quentin : Programmer

Kalinowski Fabien : Programmer

Mauge Francois : Graphist

Schneider Vincent : Graphist

Coudert Romain : Sound






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“The Flood is over and Noah’s Ark got stranded. Something’s wrong with the animals though.

They lie in pieces all over the place, and the assembly manual got lost. Maybe using it as toilet paper wasn’t such a good idea after all.

You’ll have to reconstruct proper animals before The Almighty notices. Resources are sparse, so the fewer pieces per animal the better. Time for some minianimalism!

Try to pass the test runs to make sure your creations can live on their own. The spare pieces will be a good fit for tasty barbecues.”

See the ludum dare entry page


- Select a level and enter Noah’s Workshop to build up your creature from different parts.

- You can drag and drop pieces of flesh, and then right click and drag to adjust the orientation.

- WARNING: removing the eyes blurs the screen! If this happens just put them back, they’re in the top left corner.

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Coudert Romain : Sound

image image



Text 16 Feb Ludum Dare 24 - Happy Vegan Birthday

New update, both versions now have a big fancy inventory icon, and should be bug-free !

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This is a classic Point'n'Click !

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Now with Android support!

PC Controls:

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Android Controls:

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Android Menu button or Inventory on screen button for Inventory

Android Back button for Exit Menu

To install the Android version you must enable ‘Unknown sources’ in Applications Parameters.


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Team :

Chevalier Quentin : Programmer

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