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At Pinterest, you’ll build a product that inspires millions of people to be more creative, every day. One that helps them discover things they love, and go do them in real life.

Come make history with the brightest, most curious people from every discipline. We've only just begun.
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We bring creativity to life

We put Pinners first

If something doesn't work for Pinners, it doesn't work for us.

We knit

We believe that the best products come from "knitting," where everyone works together— from engineering and design to marketing and community.

We're authentic

Being warm, honest, open and direct with each other and with Pinners is core to everything we do.

We go

Sometimes the best way to find out if something works is to just do it. We're not afraid to learn from things we try.

See how we get inspired

Explore life at Pinterest

Stay curious

Make-a-thons and workshops give us time to build new features, or learn new skills like beekeeping and mixology.

Take a breather

We take care of ourselves with tasty meals, yoga, group runs, onsite massages and a flexible vacation policy.

Make way for play

With happy hours, game nights, foosball and wine clubs, we always keep things Pinteresting.

Build the next generation

We love helping interns and new grads grow their skills. During co-ops and summer programs, our interns kick off their careers by creating meaningful projects.

Bring great minds together

By hiring people with diverse backgrounds, staying active in our community and attending conferences, we always learn from the best.

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