Who gave Pandora the box pandora spill

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Who gave Pandora the box?

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Zeus gave Pandora the box and told her not to open it but Pandora was very curious person and opened it. out came terrible things like pain, crime and every bad thing in the world. sorry if this is not a good enough answer.
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What is Pandora box?

Pandora's box was a box beloning to Pandora, given to her by Zeus at her wedding. It contained all of the world's hate, violence, sorrow, ignorence, jelousy, sadness, ect. Zeu (MORE)

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Which gods gave Pandora their powers?

Aphrodite gave Pandora grace, longing, and cares; Athena gave Pandora knowledge of crafts; Hermes gave her the power of speech and deceit; other goddesses gave her ornaments. (MORE)

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Who gave Pandora her box?

Zeus gave Pandora her 'box'. Pandora was created as a wife for  Epimethius. She was the first women on Earth, created by the gods.

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What was in Pandoras' Box?

Pandora's box is a collective of the earths truths, the things that remain unsolved. She opened the box due to her curiosity, and hunger for knowledge. Essentially the box con (MORE)

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When did Pandora get her box?

Pandora got her box from Zeus, the king of the gods. Zeus warned Pandora not to open the box. But Pandora was a very curious person who liked to learn new things and didn't li (MORE)

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Who gave Pandora the gift of curiosity?

it would had to be Zeus bc he wanted her to open the box to punish man for having receive fire..
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Why does Pandora have the box?

She was the creation of all the gods, and Hermes gave it to her lajdgbkn. коллекция пандорыas a "gift", making her promise to never open it. But then, Hera, Goddess of marriage and wife of Zeus, gave he (MORE)

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