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Tech review: Spotify vs. Pandora: Which should you choose?

A friend and I were discussing the merits of the streaming music services Pandora and Spotify.

I’m a longtime Pandora subscriber. My friend uses Spotify and thinks I should, too.

Both services have free and paid accounts. Free users get ads. Paid users don’t have to endure ads, and the stream quality is better.

The two services do differ. Let’s look at the paid versions.


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Pandora has a library of about a million songs. You begin by creating a radio station from a song or an artist, and Pandora will begin playing songs based on your selection.

You never know what song or artist will play next on your station, but you can be sure Pandora will do its best to make sure the songs and artists are ones it thinks go well with your original selection.

Because it’s not an “on-demand” service, you can’t ask Pandora to play just the Rolling Stones. You can create a station based on the Stones, but you’ll also get the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and others.

You also can’t rewind or replay songs. You can skip up to six songs per station per hour.

You can give a thumbs up or down to specific songs, and Pandora will learn your likes and dislikes to tailor the station to your tastes.

You can also add artists or songs to the listening criteria of a station anytime after you’ve created it.

Pandora also has premade, genre-specific channels all ready to go. In the mood for Broadway show tunes or swinging Christmas music? There are stations for that.

Pandora’s monthly fee is $4.99.


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Spotify, $9.99 per month, is an on-demand service.

If you’re in the mood to hear Pink Floyd all afternoon or you want to listen to the soundtrack to Star Wars over and over, Spotify is for you.

Want to make a playlist with only girl singers? No problem.

You can pick and choose specific songs and artists on Spotify, which has a library of more than 20 million songs.

Call up an artist’s page on Spotify, start playing a song from the list, hit the shuffle button and you can listen to that artist all day.

You can think of Spotify as your personal music collection. When you find an album you like, you can add it to “your music” with one click. Your music is also available to download for offline listening if you’re a subscriber.

There is also a radio station feature much like Pandora’s, including pre-loaded genre stations.

Spotify adds new music every week. When Kendrick Lamar’s album was released early a few weeks ago, Spotify had it the same day.

None of the streaming services has all the music. Taylor Swift removed her music from Spotify, and the Beatles are only on iTunes, but I’m pretty happy with the Spotify selection.

Right now, Spotify has a trial subscription offer of three months for $1.

This is a no-brainer — I signed up for the trial. I figure I get the whole summer to explore Spotify and in the few days I’ve been listening this week, I’m thinking I just might be a long-term Spotify customer.



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Pandora Vs. Spotify Vs. Apple Music Vs. Soundcloud: Which Is Better For The Artist?

Wayne Duggan

Pandora Media Inc (NYSE: P) has rolled out is new Artist Marketing Platform (AMP), which features a number of marketing tools that artists can use to promote their music.

Streaming music services have gotten a lot of criticism lately for how little they pay artists for their music. Taylor Swift has been one of the most recognizable and vocal artists speaking out against how streaming services like Spotify treat musical artists.

Pandora’s new AMP is the company’s latest effort to reach out to those artists that provide the content that their business is based on. Here’s a look at what each of the major streaming services offer artists in terms of pay, perks and marketing services.


Pandora’s new AMP includes several artist-friendly features. Artist Audio Messages allow artists to record short, targeted spoken messages to play before or after their tracks to help with marketing. Featured Tracks allows artists to promote single tracks and receive real-time feedback from listeners. Ticketfly Integration allows artists to customize their audio messages, integrate concert ticket sales (including a “click to buy” ticket link), and optimize promotions for specific events and locations.

Back in February, federal judges ruled that Pandora must pay artists a blended advertising/subscription rate of $0.0017 per stream.


According to Spotify Artists’ website, Spotify also has several useful features for artists. Spotify automatically sends out email and mobile notifications to followers every time an artist releases new music. Songkick integration allows artists to display tour dates directly on their profile. Merchbar also allows artists to easily list and sell merchandise.

In addition, Spotify offers artists a wide range of other data and marketing tools.

As of about a year ago, Spotify was reportedly paying artists $0.0011 per stream.

Apple Music

Apple Music for Artists allows artists to share content and activity on Connect. Artists can post links and thoughts on their Connect feed. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) reportedly pays artists $0.0013 per streaming play.

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SoundCloud Spotlight allows artists to pin up to five tracks or playlists to their profile to showcase their best work. Timed comments allows artists to engage with their fans about individual tracks. Artists can edit in batch by simultaneously updating artwork for many tracks at once. Artists can also tag their music to optimize search traffic.

In addition, artists can track activity over time and identify top cities, countries and users for each track. Artists also get to see which websites have embedded their music and which SoundCloud apps their tracks are being streamed from.

SoundCloud currently offers four distinct membership tiers for artists. The features mentioned above are available at the Pro Unlimited tier, which costs $15 per month. The top tier, Premier, is by invitation only. Premier is the level at which artists can begin making money for their tracks via advertising revenue sharing, but there is no set rate of payment for each streaming play.


This summary is just a basic overview of some of the options that are out there for music artists. The best option comes down to which goals are most important for each individual artist. However, it’s important to keep expectations for streaming revenue fairly low unless you’re already a well-established star.

One band that drew more than a million streams on Spotify back in 2013 reported only $4,955 in total revenue. Even that rate comes in at $0.004891/stream, well above the latest reported rates of the major streaming services.

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