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Issue installing Managed Packages in field service lightning


How to get managed package link in field service lightning


Category: Salesforce asked August 4, 2016
Ajay Babu

48 Answers


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Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle

PC Key / FRI 9-22-17 / PC Key

Friday, September 22, 2017


Constructor: David Steinberg

Relative difficulty: Medium-Difficult

THEME: No theme

Word of the Day: TAPIOCA (35D: Thickening agent) —
Tapioca ( / ˌ t æ p ɪ ˈ oʊ k ə / ; Portuguese pronunciation:  [tapiˈɔkɐ] ) is a starch extracted from cassava root ( Manihot esculenta ). This species is native to the northeast region of Brazil, but its use spread throughout South America. The plant was carried by Portuguese and Spanish explorers to most of the West Indies and Africa and Asia. It is a tropical, perennial shrub that is less commonly cultivated in temperate climate zones. Cassava thrives better in poor soils than many other food plants.
Although tapioca is a staple food for millions of people in tropical countries, it is devoid of nutrition and low in food energy. In developed countries, it is used as a thickening agent in various manufactured foods. (Wikipedia) • • • TAPIOCA is great. It's the boba in BOBA TEA ((7) yet to appear in a NYT crossword puzzle) and it's in the pudding that you perhaps instinctively avoided as a child. I say let's bring it back, elevate TAPIOCA pudding, "Chef's Table" style. Hi, it's Lena filling in for Rex today.

Well I have to say it was weird having to jump out of the nest with barely any feathers into a tri-stack of 14s. I had to treat this like a downs only puzzle for a bit there and that put it on the challenging side for me. I hung around in the middle and then it was SARDINE (8D: Fish typically preserved in olive oil) that got me up to the North, followed by SEEN (5D: Not overlooked) and CERAMIC (3D: Kind of tile). Speaking of chefs and their tables, there is a nice restaurant here in Boston called haley.henry and they focus on tinned fish-- SARDINE s, anchovies, EEL-- and exceptional wines. And chips.

Anyway, are those would-be marquees ultimately worth not being able to get started in the across direction right away? Sure. ROMANTIC PERIOD (49A: Wordsworth, Coleridge and Byron wrote in it) is kinda boring but the rest, especially ICING ON THE CAKE (54A: An additional plus) and MI CASA ES SU CASA (1A: Welcoming words), are fun-- and all except THREE CAR GARAGE (16A: Roomy storage space) are debut entries.

I had ROUTS for ROMPS (44A: Humiliating defeats) because, well, of course that's what I'm going to put there-- I look up ROUT and get "disastrous defeat" whereas ROMP 's main definitions have nothing to do with either humiliation or losing. We will, we will ROMP you <stomp stomp clap>

The short fill caused by the stacks isn't too bad but I was aware of the presence of both CTR (NFL Position: Abbr.) and CTRL (11D: PC Key). SIGURD (9D: Brynhild's beloved, in Norse legend) certainly did not spring out of the brain easily, and I hadn't heard of conductor ESA -Pekka Salonen-- so overall I would say the North gave me the most trouble. In the South, I enjoyed the tricky clue for DOCTOR (41D: One who's gotten the third degree?) but didn't feel similarly about the one for TIME INC (36D: Life preserver?). Then I started getting cranky about both of them. "What if you didn't get your Masters in between undergrad and grad school? Do you count your high school diploma?"

Overall though there are lots of clever clues in this puzzle ( ONE (39D: Small square)!) and I liked INHERES (2D: Exists naturally) because now I have a deeper understanding of the word "inherent." Ta-da! So even though it was slow-going for me at times it was satisfying in the end, and an interesting grid with those 14s-- cheater marquees?

Signed, Lena Webb, Court Jester of CrossWorld

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Posted by Lena Webb at 7:15 AM Labels: David Steinberg, Friday 118 comments: kitshef 7:19 AM  

The Ransom of Red Chief is one of those stories we had to read in school. Some of those stories really made an impression on me: The Lottery and The Open Window come to mind. But Ransom, not so much.

On the other hand, I loved the movie Ruthless People, which has some similarities to the story.

Fun facts: O Henry invented the term ‘banana republic’ and created the Cisco Kid.

Puzzle was pleasant enough, but not one of Steinberg’s best. Played easy and has a weird echoey feel with PHI and THETA, CTR and CTRL, MIT and MIR, MACE and MAZE. And the cluing was bizarrely literal – where is the word play? Well, I loved the clue for ONE, but that’s really it for tickle-me frivolity.

Hungry Mother 7:24 AM  

Much faster than the usual Friday for me. I seemed to get the long acrosses without any difficulty.

Two Ponies 7:28 AM  

There's a restaurant that serves you fish from a can with potato chips? Must be some impressive marketing going on there.

Better than usual from Mr. Steinberg.
I'm surprised at the debut answers.

Forsythia 7:29 AM  

Top was challenging, especially since I had UDAhL and CTRL and AHA and thought that one across was maybe with "so glad yoU CAme." INHERES was last to fall, no idea on that. Much I didn't know but crosses fell into place. Still don't understand ONE for "small square"? I kept trying DE? something for what turned out to be ELI, but nice not to have a Yale clue on that. I was misdirected easily on "old ball and chain" and put in MAtE. Like @Lena, I had ROut before ROMP, and while waiting for the blog to be up, I did the Bonus Puzzle which clued the same with the answer ROUT so I felt vindicated, even if wrong!
Nice to finish a later week puzzle without resorting to "Check." So many have been far out of my ken.

Forsythia 7:31 AM  

Oh, and I have very fond memories of Ransom of Red Chief, as well as many other O'Henry stories. Maybe because I had a pesky younger brother??!! Or because I was a pesky younger sister to my older sibs?

Mark 7:34 AM  

I thought the puzzle was satisfactorily difficult and all the long across good. But one clue infuriated me. 43A, components in Ohm's Law, is wrong. The unit for current is an Ampere, not an amp. Amp is slang for it, or maybe, you could say, short for it. If the answer for Philadelphia University is "Penn" it always says something like "for short" in the clue, because the full answer is University is Pennsylvania. It's the same things thing here.

Mark 7:36 AM  

Sorry, University of Pennsylvania

Cliff Robinson 7:39 AM  

Should the clue for TIMEINC have had signified an abbreviation?
Also, how do Lena/Michael choose which clues to put in the title of each day's post?

Mark 7:39 AM  

Forsythia, one is the numerical square of one in the same way that four is the square of two. So that makes one a square, and it's a small compared to the squares of other integers. It's a hard clue. I figured out the clue after getting the answer from crosses.

BarbieBarbie 7:40 AM  

Now THIS is an example of a great puzzle. I now see why the themeless fans pine for puzzles that keep you interested without any meta gimmicks. Wow. David S was already my favorite name to see at the top of the page. This puzzle reinforces my fanhood.
Only one question: can someone explain the clue for ONE?
And one comment: the unit for current is Ampere, so AMPS should have been clued to indicate abbr, casual, or whatever. Minor, minor, minor. Thanks.

clk 7:42 AM  

After my first run though, I thought this would be one of those impossible puzzles but little by little it all fell. Very satisfying.

The only one I didn't like was DOCTOR. In my neck of the academic world (biomedical basic sciences), it's pretty uncommon to get a masters degree on the way to your doctorate. Maybe it's different in the liberal arts, but that clue fell flat for me. A high school diploma doesn't really seem to count as a degree.

ONE squared is ONE, making it a small square.

BarbieBarbie 7:43 AM  

Sorry twice to @Mark. My q crossed your a (thanks) and I didn't see the AMPS echo until too late.

Hartley70 7:44 AM  

Here we have another puzzle that I would rate easy (for a Friday) this week. So far Thursday gets my vote for POW. That's not to say that I don't really enjoy a David Steinberg puzzle and that I don't really appreciate a puzzle with stacks because I do.

I also noticed that the top half of the puzzle was much easier than the bottom for me. I had to use the crosses for the stacks below. TIMEINC was especially tricky. Yuck to TAPIOCA even today. All those little eyes would still bother me. Is Miami really called that? By who?Strange. I feel like winking at @Nancy.

This was sweet, but over way too fast.

Anonymous 7:44 AM  

Getting the degree which is third in order of degrees isn't the same thing as getting YOUR third degree.

RAD2626 7:45 AM  

Liked puzzle and cluing a lot. Needed almost all the crosses for MI CASA ES SU CASA even after I had the two other 14's in the stack. Third degree and one clues were terrific.

If a restaurant features sardines, anchovies and eel, it better have exceptional wines, and lots of them.

Rosebud 7:46 AM  

If 9D had been ATHENA, that would have sprung easily from your brain. Or at least from Zeus brain.

Frightened dog 7:49 AM  

DOTARD used in NYT crosswords 13 times."Senile sort" was the clue four times.

Mohair Sam 8:15 AM  

Would have been an easy Friday except we don't know how to spell in Spanish, nor do we know Pekka Salonen. But we guessed well. And please don't holler, but REI doesn't ring any bells to we non-campers either (that filled easily enough).

Always thought it was ScHTICK, but what do I know from Yiddish? Risked putting in INEVERSAIDTHAT without crosses and got away with it (Phew). I hate the taste/sight of SASRDINEs, I'll probably come back as a porpoise.

@Kitshef (7:19) - Did not know Cisco Kid was O Henry's creation. A fan of both separately. Fun fact for sure.

@Lena - ROMPS is cool as clued, this Philadelphia sports fan has had his teams humiliated often enough to know. Disagree on your TAPIOCA pudding take too, loved it as a kid. And love it when you're our Guest Fearless Leader, always good stuff.

Joe 8:19 AM  

Can someone please explain how REI is the answer to the clue about having a tent sale? I don't understand why a king would have a tent sale.

QuasiMojo 8:25 AM  

SIGURD was my first answer. Then ESA. (I guess Lena that we are not on the same wavelength, but I identified with your struggle nontheless. Nice writeup as always.)

Fun Friday even if it felt a bit creaky.

I do cry foul, however, at the omission of THE in "Romantic Period." Romantic Period by itself is meaningless.

Three car garage is absurd, although I think Gloria Swanson had one in Sunset Boulevard.

Didn't TIME INC. "kill" LIFE rather than preserve it? Or is it like a bad penny that keeps coming back? (Time Inc. is the corporate name, I believe, so I'm not sure it's being abbreviated needs to be indicated, to answer the fellow above...)

O. Henry wrote some cool stuff. I wonder if Rex teaches him in his "noir" class. :) I prefer the OH HENRY chocolate bar.

Peggy Lee sang a mean MAMBO.

kitshef 8:25 AM  

@Joe - REI stands for Recreational Equipment, Inc. - a cooperative that sells, among other things, camping gear.

sf27shirley 8:26 AM  

REI is a chain store that sells camping equipment, among other outdoor gear.

Arlene 8:26 AM  

REI = Recreational Equipment Inc
A chain of outdoor equipment stores

QuasiMojo 8:26 AM  

oops "its" above. Just a typo, @GrammarNazi

Sir Hillary 8:28 AM  

I love Steinberg's puzzles, and even though this one doesn't live up to his very best work, it's still really good.

For me this was a "Gosford Park" or "Downton Abbey" experience -- that is, a huge difference above and below the "stairs". Downstairs, I had no trouble -- MAZE and BAZOOKA were first in, and I flew from there. Upstairs was a totally different story (sorry) -- even with UDALL and SWIRL as gimmes, it took me a long time to see much of anything else. Finally, INEVERSAIDTHAT showed itself, and I methodically finished from there. INHERES / EARN was last in.

MICASAESSUCASA is a stunning opener -- fun (yes, even inviting) yet with letter strings that don't really suggest much, at least not in English (duh!). The other 14s are also great, and CAREERCRIMINAL comes via my favorite clue in the puzzle.

Fitting that ESA and SIGURD are way up north, while MIAMIAN is down south.

Never heard of IAN Somerhalder, so learned something. And it was nice to see ELI clued without reference to Yale or Manning.

My only beef is too many "?" clues. I know there are only six, but they're all in the bottom of the puzzle, so it felt like I was getting one every other clue or so. One who can't turn right? and Life preserver? are excellent, but the rest seemed forced. Today I liked the more straightforward misdirects like Small square and Nice thanks .

In sum, never a DULL moment, which is all I can ask for.

Nancy 8:37 AM  

A beauty. This falls perfectly into the themeless category that I told Lewis the other day would make a memorable puzzle: you think you won't find a single toehold, but you do, and you finish it, and it's completely fair, and you feel like the smartest person in the world for having solved it. I got in in the NE, the NW having been impossible, other than SEEN at 5D. I also wanted SARDINE, but was afraid to write it in too early. UDALL; AHA; ATELIER; INKY; CHEEK and CHIME were my toeholds in the NE. Plenty of chances to go wrong: I also had ROuts before ROMPS (44A), plus ShARp before STARK (22D); and MAtE before MACE at 47A (a deliberate and amusing misdirection, I'm fairly sure). MI CASA ES SU CASA was a huge AHA for me when it came in: I don't speak Spanish, but of course I've heard it. Another big AHA when CAREER CRIMINAL came in. And I loved ICING ON THE CAKE, which may have been the ICING ON THE CAKE of this crunchy and well-clued puzzle.

mmorgan 8:44 AM  

One of those puzzles that I just stared and stared at for a long time and then after getting a word here and there, it somehow filled itself in fairly quickly. Stuck for a long time with MAtE for 47A (Old ball and chain?).

Rob 8:45 AM  

I hope I'm not the only one who, with no other letters, immediately filled in 55A: One who can't turn right? with DEREK ZOOLANDER. It fit, although I realized shortly after that, if memory serves, it was turning left he had trouble with. I wish that had been the answer. I'd have loved the puzzle despite its other deficiencies.

I either didn't like or didn't understand TIME, INC. Is that the company that owns the magazine? If so, I think the clue is a stretch. If not, then I guess it just went over my head.

I too had ROUTS for ROMPS. Don't like THE MAMBO, I never really like THE in clues outside of specific cases like movie titles.

I tend to agree with Lena that the long acrosses didn't merit the gymnastics required. Half I thought were nice (MI CASA ES SU CASA, I NEVER SAID THAT, and ICING ON THE CAKE), and the rest were a bit bland.

Usually even if I struggle with a Steinberg puzzle I'm impressed with it after; this one left me a bit cold.

Stuart Showalter 8:48 AM  

What a pleasure not to read Rex’s whining today!

Two years ago, one of my students came to my office and told me that she wanted to major in psychology. It was her second try at Agnes Scott College, having dropped out a decade earlier. During that time she was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, and she was back to try again, armed with knowledge about her diagnosis.

This time she's making it because she's getting the help she needs.

Asperger's syndrome, first listed in the American Psychiatric Association's manual of mental disorders in 1994, affects two to six of every 1,000 Americans, according to the National Institutes of Health. People who have the disorder often have social difficulties, verbal and nonverbal communication problems, and repetitive and restricted activities. Students with Asperger's are often seen as eccentric or odd, but many have a normal or higher-than-average IQ, as well as an exceptional talent in one specific area

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