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Friday, February 24, 2012

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How To Open a Pandora Bracelet

Now that you have chosen your bracelet, do you know how to get it open?

Pandora bracelets have an ingenious, special security 'bead' like closure that will not come undone accidentally. But there is a very definite skill required to open it.  

First Option: How To Open A Pandora Bracelet
If you have thumb nails this works. Turn the 'bead' closure slowly, look for an indent or line in the 'bead'. Put your thumb nails in the indent and prise it apart, using gentle pressure. Now this works when you are not wearing the bracelet. How do you open a Pandora bracelet that you are wearing?  

Option Two: How to Use a Pandora Clasp Opener
Find the indent or line again, insert the Pandora Clasp Opener and gently twist to pop it open.

Which ever of these methods you decide to master, be very careful, only apply as much pressure as is required, you don't want to accidentally damage your beautiful Pandora Bracelet.

When you are ready for the next step in creating a uniquely beautiful Pandora Bracelet, come and check out what's new - we have bling, beads and charms galore for you to explore!

pandora charms priser

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