Spotify working on Windows Phone 8 app - Neowin installera pandora

Spotify working on Windows Phone 8 app

A Windows Phone 7 version of Spotify is unavailable for Windows Phone 8 users.

At its launch event for Windows Phone 8 last month, Microsoft said 46 of the 50 most popular apps would be coming to its new mobile operating system. One popular app that hadn't been officially confirmed for Windows Phone 8 was Spotify. According to a comment from a Spotify representative, however, a version of the app for Windows Phone 8 is in the works.

In a statement to Robert Brand at WPCentral, a Spotify representative said the company is "working on a Windows Phone 8 Spotify app and to watch this space." Spotify emailed Brand a response within minutes of his request for comment.

That statement follows previous responses from Spotify representatives on the company's support forums that said it was unclear if or when a Windows Phone 8 app would be released. Two weeks ago, a representative from the company said Spotify would "love to be available for all sorts of devices but we can't say if or when a Windows Phone 8 application will be available at the moment" in response to a question regarding the availability of a Windows Phone 8 Spotify app.

Spotify currently has an app for Windows Phone 7 that isn't usable on Windows Phone 8. This is the first time the company has confirmed plans to bring the music streaming and online radio service to Windows Phone 8 as a new app. The Windows Phone store website currently isn't showing the Windows Phone 7 version of the app, although Windows Phone 7 users can find it by searching the store on their devices.

Source: WPCentral | Image via Dexinger

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