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  • Wings Over Scotland

    The diverging path

    Posted on April 17, 2016 by Rev. Stuart Campbell

    The Sunday Herald, which enjoyed a major sales boost from being the first Scottish newspaper to officially back independence but has since seen its circulation increase partly eroded, has this morning chosen to throw a stick of dynamite onto the fire.


    The paper’s front page today teases a double-page spread inside with the headline “SPECIAL REPORT: HOW INDEPENDENCE SUPPORTERS SHOULD USE THEIR SECOND VOTE”. And then things get a little strange.

    While the headline suggests that the paper itself has commissioned said report, the first noteworthy fact in the subsequent article is that it’s done no such thing. The story actually refers to a study paid for by Electoral Reform Scotland, of whom more in a moment. It opens with an unequivocal statement:


    But readers will search the piece in vain for Prof. Curtice actually saying such thing. Indeed, it’s remarkably short on any direct quotes from him at all.

    To hear straight from the horse’s mouth we have to look to a separate article, in which Curtice (talking about a scenario where the SNP sweep all but two constituencies and get almost no list seats) says something a very great deal more ambiguous:


    What Curtice actually says is that some people have speculated that nationalists might be wise to use the second vote tactically. That’s an ENORMOUS distance from “Professor John Curtice says Yes voters should instead give their backing to another pro-independence party”, and we can’t imagine that Prof. Curtice will be too delighted about having those words put in his mouth.

    (It’s perhaps worth observing that on the Herald’s website the main article has the title “Revealed: How Scottish independence supporters should use their votes on May 5”. But on the site’s front page the piece is advertised with the rather less committal New study claims: independence supporters should not cast second vote for SNP at Holyrood election”. Our emphasis.)

    The second article also attempts to back up the assertion with this passage:


    But that’s one hell of a big “if”. According to Professor Curtice’s report, on current list polling if the SNP get 100,000 votes Labour will get not 80,000 but just 41,000. (The Nats are averaging 46% on the list to Labour’s 19%, more than twice as much.) On the present polling averages Labour will get three list seats if the Nats sweep all the constituency seats, not all seven.


    Both articles, interestingly, are by “Group Investigations Writer” Peter Swindon, who was formerly a Parliamentary assistant to Labour MP Anas Sarwar.


    The spread in the print edition is completed by an Iain Macwhirter column entitled “The key to healthy Scottish politics: diversity not monopoly”, a title which readers might reasonably conclude was also an argument against an SNP majority, despite the fact that it admits:

    “There might not have been a referendum if the d’Hondt (list system) had worked perfectly, because the SNP might not have reached the magic 65 seats. This is why supporters of the SNP insist that a second SNP vote is never wasted.

    If, in 2011, all those list votes had gone to little parties, and none of them had reached the 6% threshold, then Labour might have got back in the game.”

    (Macwhirter, a federalist who reluctantly backed independence as a least-worst option over the status quo, also specifically dismisses this site as an “SNP loyalist” one, which – speaking as someone who’s never been a member of the SNP, never voted for them and never told anyone else to vote for them – is a little disappointing.)

    Finally, the Herald website also carries a story by Tom Gordon titled “SNP failing to make winning case for independence, warn RISE”, for any remaining readers who hadn’t yet got the message.

    The paper’s coverage of Curtice’s report, then, is unarguably distorted. But what of the report itself? As noted above, it was commissioned and paid for by Electoral Reform Scotland, whose website provides bios for its three main officers:


    And the first two of those are pretty interesting.

    Willie Sullivan is quoted directly in the main Herald story:


    So the report was produced for an organisation which openly states that it doesn’t want one party to dominate Scottish politics, from which it might reasonably be presumed that it would prefer the SNP not to have a majority.

    We can also fairly surmise that Willie Sullivan himself almost certainly doesn’t want that, because until 2012 he was a Scottish Labour councillor.



    Rory Scothorne, meanwhile, may be familiar to readers as one of the founders of the virulently anti-SNP website “Mair Nor A Roch Wind”.


    If Scothorne didn’t exist, readers might well take him for some sort of satirist’s idea of a comedy student Marxist. This extract comes from the last article he penned for the site before joining ERS:


    MNARW advocated independence as a means of destroying the SNP and bringing about a worldwide revolution of the proletariat. And if you think we’re exaggerating, here’s Scothorne again in a piece written a week before the independence referendum, outlining his goals for a Yes vote:

    “ Independence is won, and the SNP form a minority or coalition government in 2016. They deliver on several of their “progressive” promises, but vocal criticism from a small but not insignificant left bloc, on the streets as well as in parliament, helps to foster widespread disappointment with the first years of independence. The vicissitudes of currency union demand cuts in some areas, and the left leads demands for an independent currency and opposition to cuts.

    When global economic turbulence hits the Scottish economy just as it is regaining its balance, a coalition of Labour and the radical left surges into power on the back of mass protests demanding that the promise of independence be fulfilled. This coalition hands immense power to the labour movement and encourages the ongoing formation of people’s assemblies across the country, while nationalising industry and infrastructure and withdrawing from NATO.

    Continuing economic instability damages the Labour-led government’s credibility, but its mass extra-parliamentary base pulls politics further leftwards, much to the horror of right-wing commentators at home and around the globe. The Scotsman churns out red-baiting editorials about “the enemy within,” while The Times scoffs about the “failure” of independence as inequality plummets, capital controls come into force and top rates of tax soar.

    As continuing global turbulence thrusts the left into power across Europe and the US, Scotland’s socialists are ready and willing to join – even inspire – an international wave of strikes, nationalisations and occupations which mark a decisive step towards a profound transformation of the global system.”

     Other articles on the site were equally explicit, like this from 24 September 2014:

    A Labour majority at Westminster will be the best result for Scotland because it is the only feasible way for Scottish working class interests to be reflected in a Westminster government.

    Last night I attended a meeting called by Glasgow West Radical Independence to discuss where the organisation should go. Many of the speeches focussed on opposing Labour, instead of talking about renewed demands for power or policies that would bring us closer to the aspirations we had for independence.

    Some are reluctant to work with trade unions and trades unionists which are affiliated to Labour, whereas they should be looking to the likes of Unite and Unison, as well as the STUC, to lead a demand for meaningful economic power. They are gleeful about the SNP’s surging membership, when they should be making plans to unseat its members in 2016.”

    But even Radical Independence aren’t radical enough for MNARW:

    “RIC might all too easily slot itself into the ongoing movement for independence. If it does so, then it is a useless vehicle for the left, it will burn up the fuel of support it has worked hard to win, and, in short, it should be criticized, attacked, resisted and undermined.”

    So in short: two people violently opposed to an SNP majority, and indeed to the SNP in general, have commissioned a report with the aim of convincing people not to vote for the SNP, a conclusion which the Sunday Herald has – for reasons known only to itself – actively and vigorously decided to misrepresent as being the personal opinion of Professor John Curtice.

    As ever, this site will not tell anyone how to vote. We’ll leave readers to arrive at their own views on ERS Scotland and the Herald’s attempts to do so.

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      203 to “The diverging path”

      1. Grouse Beater says: 17 April, 2016 at 9:38 am

        Good old British press – it always reverts to type.

        An excellent expose of the vacillating Sunday Herald, from Wings! (And there’s nothing sexual about that!)

      2. Ken500 says: 17 April, 2016 at 9:46 am

        A bunch of bampots

        The English working class vote Tory and UKIP. The Unions support £170Billion spent on Trident.

        The Unionists want to tax Scotland more to pay for Westminster policies. Trident/illegal wars, tax evasion and banking fraud. Westminster could just close Tax Havens set up by Thatcher.

      3. Bill Dunblane says: 17 April, 2016 at 9:47 am

        Sunday Herald suicide.

        How stupid of them to waste their only advantage in the rapidly diminishing market.

        On their own heads be it.

      4. Andrew Smith says: 17 April, 2016 at 9:53 am

        The enemy within, indeed!

      5. thomaspotter2014 says: 17 April, 2016 at 9:53 am

        The fear and loathing of the Establishment crew has led them to drop any pretence and are now showing their sinister side.

        The indy friendly mask isn’t so much slipping as been ripped off to reveal the depth of their poisonous reach.

        Sunday Herald was always dodgy like Dave.

        Begs the question of how long before the National is skewed.

        Times running out and all the stops are being pulled.

        They’re really bricking it.

        SNP X 2 FOR SURE NOW.

      6. Giesabrek says: 17 April, 2016 at 9:54 am

        I am disappointed to see the Sunday Herald stoop to such low levels, and I believe the latest in a number of questionable articles.

        It seems that the unionists have infiltrated, or were already present, in their Trojan horse waiting for the moment to start denigrating and dividing the independence movement. It’s a shame for those at the newspaper who genuinely backed independence.

        I’m now just counting down the days until the National does the same because it will come. After all, every single newspaper in Scotland is owned by a unionist.

      7. mogabee says: 17 April, 2016 at 9:55 am

        Thousand thanks Stu for this. I have been on the verge of stopping my order of Sunday Herald for a few weeks now but held off due to a feeling of some loyalty to it’s editor.

        Well, I’m doing it today…

      8. Jacqueline McDowell says: 17 April, 2016 at 9:56 am

        True colours will always come out. Stopped buying it a while ago and it allowed me to contribute to your funding Rev. Keep up the good work so we can all share the truth.

        Thank you


      9. Bob Mack says: 17 April, 2016 at 9:58 am

        As the election looms large, then allegiances will come to the fore. I have always had doubts about the Sunday Herald and now I know why.

        I should not be surprised that they have adopted the mantle of what is lazy journalism at best, but agent provocateur at worst.

        The bottom line is that NO printed mainstream media is supportive of independence

        The best way to disrupt anything is by claiming to be a part of it whilst working to destroy it from the “inside”.

        That fits the Sunday Herald.

        Thank you again Rev. You are the only journalist I take seriously these days.

      10. John says: 17 April, 2016 at 9:59 am

        Good old Herald ,you can always depend on it to come up with something to do down the SNP . Divide and rule is the name of the game for Scotland’s MSM .

      11. Susan Macdiarmid says: 17 April, 2016 at 9:59 am

        ‘Twas ever thus in the extremities of leftness. The more they talk about ‘the people’ the more certain you can be they think they are the vessel of the big important idea and therefore above ‘the people’ Or, at least, anyone who dares to disagree. Too many big egos their own wee tiny platforms. A bit like a raft race turned into a rammy.
        Gave up on the Sinday Herald some time ago. How is their circulation now?

      12. David Mills says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:00 am

        Interesting Duncan Hothersall sighted long standing connection to this group a few months ago when I question labour calls for electoral reform post May 2015 I thought Labour had purged them selfs of the beyond Socialist type I guess the enemy of my enemy….
        Shame that the don’t appear to see the resurgence Tories as enemy.

      13. heedtracker says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:02 am

        Well well. Journalism meets propaganda.

        National’s been boosting RISE all along but it was pretty clear why. They should have at least said that this Sullivan dude’s SLabour ex councillor. Should be really interesting if this works but Ian MacWhirter really detests YES voters, as he explained a couple of weeks ago

        “Of course, for many in the SNP, social justice always came second to national “liberation” from the English yoke. For the “45” nationalists, it is about identity and ethnic mythology. But for most Scots, who have never felt oppressed by England, do not want separation and were motivated to vote for Ms Sturgeon because of her social democratic principles, this is a wake-up call.”

      14. gordoz says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:02 am

        Thought the S Herald at least was impartial … Doh!

        There goes that idea, back in the paddock with the rest of the Unionist press (they are sneaky though eh ?)

      15. davidb says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:04 am

        Phew, I’m glad I don’t need to worry about things like this. I postal voted on Thursday.

        Both votes SNP.

      16. Topher Dawson says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:05 am

        If you read the original report

        you will see that Curtice has been badly reported in the papers, nothing new there. He describes the polling situation and the AMS system.

        He shows the possible/likely results in the constituency seats if current polling is accurate. He says that Labour are fighting the Tories for the votes of No voters, since they have lost Yes voters.

        He points out that there is a dilemma for pro independence voters; whether to vote SNP twice and risk not getting any seats because of the arithmetic of the D’Hondt system thus letting in a unionist, or whether to vote for a smaller pro indy party and risk it not getting past the 6% barrier needed for even one list seat.

        Curtice presents this dilemma neutrally and does not advise pro independence voters which way to vote on the list vote, despite what the papers say.

        I’m a Green, I’ll be voting SNP in the first vote and would just say that RISE are a long way below the 6% barrier so are likely to be a wasted vote. The Greens are above the 6% so environmental voters can vote for independence without wasting their vote.

      17. Effijy says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:11 am

        We don’t need I told you so, but!

        The core of every UK newspaper is to control the information fed to the general public, in order to keep the order where the owners other interests stable.

        Non Dom Tax Haven blessed mega rich who have our politicians in their pocket and the electorate on their knees quacking with fear.

        You buy any UK newspaper, Sky TV package, advertise on any Radio Station and you are donating to their cause.

        I have a quick look at other people’s newspapers and it actually makes me sick to read the lies and deceit that
        Joe Public seems to ingest without question or doubt.

        I have been subjected to a glimpse of today’s Sunday Redcoat Labour edition on PFI.

        Initially I was shocked that they made a link between both evils, PFI, and Labour, but they then go on to deliver statements, part-statements with figures that don’t deliver the true bottom line.

        You guessed it, It is SNP Bad as they should have stopped Jack McConnell returning Scotland’s £1.5 Billion to Westminster, which could have paid for these schools, SNP
        should have forced extra inspection on these schools even though Slab and Edinburgh Labour Council excused these basic necessities. Later inspections fell short because SNP
        checks used people who did not have X-Ray Specs?

        They then go on to skew figures that show SNP signing off
        some of these “Pay Day Loan” deals in order to reduce the
        interest that we were committed to.
        The beyond the Sunday Pail of course only show what the project would have actually cost, if alternative funding was used, and the very large sum that SNP paid to get out of it. They seem to have forgot how to show how much that early settlement of Labour’s agreement has actually saved Scotland.

        Another pop is made at SNP for the wonderful motorway projects that are already in place and are under construction. These projects apparently cost! Shock horror.

        The new M74 has certainly made my commuting so very much easier saving me time and fuel costs, and therefore I suggest do the same thing for Scotland’s commerce.

        These Rags exist only to Lie to you on behalf of the rich

        Point 2, if wee Ruth Krankie really did want to beat Labour in these elections, why does she and her party let Labour off with this National Scandal?
        IMO they recognise that Labour is now too Wee, Too Stupid, and Too Poor to do them any harm.

        Anyway,they can manipulate them at will, and their policies are all pretty much the same.

        Point 3, if Labour had just one ounce of decency among them, they would crucify Gordon Brown and McConnell for their abuse of their powers in setting up this financial crisis.
        Put your hands up and recognise the damage that your party has done, apologise, and pledge never to consider schemes like this again.

      18. One_Scot says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:16 am

        Everyone knows that the Yoons are desperate for the SNP to lose their majority in Holyrood.

        I genuinely do not believe any Independence supporters are stupid enough to waste their second SNP vote based on what Yoon trolls or the Yoon media says.

      19. Grouse Beater says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:17 am

        Forget the empty slogan: “Nationalism is a virus”.

        Repeat the slogan that helps secure self-governance:

        Both votes for the SNP.

        If you don’t do that we’re liable to get more of this:

      20. DerekM says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:19 am

        An SNP loyalist website ??

        I am deeply offended by that comment,no Iain we are not we are independence loyalists get your facts correct,just because you are still torn between your loyalty to Labour and independence does not mean the rest of us old labour are so indecisive.

        What you think all those years fighting inside red tory land to get our damn parliament back we were just going to sit back and let the tory yoon scum inside Labour run it,i dont bloody think so.

        Get off your knees man this is not the SNP that is doing this its us the people, the SNP are only the benifactors of our movement they were smart enough to understand and listen to what we want from our politicians.

        And they are also under the most scrutiny any government has ever been in this island because unlike before this time the bosses are watching and we are watching you shower of fuckwit journalists as well and we are really pissed off.

      21. heedtracker says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:23 am

        Topher Dawson says:
        17 April, 2016 at 10:05 am
        If you read the original report

        He points out that there is a dilemma for pro independence voters; whether to vote SNP twice and risk not getting any seats”

        What he’s not doing is making perfectly clear that SNP x 2 is just as much an option as any other. Its a clear deliberate attempt at NOT saying you can vote SNP x2 and that the two votes are actually for separate parties. Real cunning.

        Why are you Green by the way?

      22. TD says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:24 am

        I for one will no longer seek out the Sunday Herald. Their credentials were always suspect – sister paper of the Herald – but now I think their cover is blown. They sneakily tried to position this as an article aimed at increasing the likelihood of independence, knowing full well that its intent was to undermine the SNP and thus reduce the likelihood of independence. They have obviously learnt from big sister.

      23. SteveW says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:25 am

        This does seem strange on the face of it. Have the SH decided that they can’t keep up the Indy support pretence for much longer?
        Maybe they are hoping that the SNP don’t get a majority and so no indyref2 mandate.
        If Indy is off the table, the SH can then slope back to their old form.
        I have a funny feeling that their subscription cancellation counter might be ticking onwards and upwards today.

      24. schrodingers cat says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:26 am

        Topher Dawson

        if you believe in tactical voting and live in the south or highland region it must be snp1&2

        i live in fife&mid and have already voted snp1green2

      25. Fergus Green says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:28 am

        Is there any way Wings could have an interview with John Curtice, or even invite him to pen a guest article on this episode?

      26. Effijy says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:29 am

        My apologies for the dreadful grammar and syntax above.
        Being male, I should have know that I could not cope with
        a phone call and a post at the same time.

        Old topic, but how I’d love to see some Billboards with
        the benefits of using both votes for SNP.
        Most people I question on this think they need 1 party per vote. The media won’t be correcting them any time soon.

        I’d also love to see Billboards with details of the True relationship between Labour and PFI costs.
        We still have some many people believing UK Media’s version

      27. Alwi says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:30 am

        And here was me about to renew my online subscription too…. Idiots. is this anything to do with the change of editor recently?

      28. ailsa craig says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:30 am

        Oddly enough, switched on the radio just after 9am to hear Euan McColm review the SH with a comment about ‘bigging up PFI and trying to pin the blame on Jack McConnell’ and Gillian Someone, a lawyer, replying that ‘it was all hypocrisy as the SNP were doing exactly the same and the report was all part of the SH’s agenda…… and we all know what that is…’ [snigger]

        Subject then dropped. Move on. Herald beyond the pale, biased.

        Just as they did with the Forth Road Bridge. Not. Good old Radio Shortbread. What a bunch. It is a strange world indeed in the media.

      29. heedtracker says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:30 am

        Rory has it sorted. He’s been a “Parliamentary intern for a member of Scottish parliament” but we wont say which one as that might give the game away.


      30. galamcennalath says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:30 am

        I will be voting SNP+SNP.

        My reasoning is that polls are frequently wrong and the SNP may not take quite as many contituencies as people seem to expect. In this case it will be like 2011 and lost seats will be required. I’m opting for the safe option, I think.

        However, I do accept there is a case, in some regions, for SNP+Green. If you believe the polls, and you believe the SNP can take enough constituencies, then Greens may take seats from Unionists.

        This does all hinge on how well the SNP do on constituencies. It’s a gamble.

        One thing I am crystal clear on, SNP+Rise is a complete waste of second vote.

        So, in that respect, I see only anti SNP mischief making highlighted in the article above.

      31. schrodingers cat says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:32 am

        heedtracker says:

        Why are you Green by the way?

        maybe he is a yes supporter who prefers a green msp to a red/blue tory msp


      32. muttley79 says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:33 am

        Since Richard Walker left the Sunday Herald has gone downhill. I thought Neil Mackay was sincere so I don`t really know what has happened there. They still have Tom Gordon and his sidekick there. Iain Macwhirter did very well from the referendum in terms of flogging his books. But he a unionist at heart and has returned to the fold. The MNARW website is absolutely mental, they used to say they were communists, but they basically supported even New Labour, make of that what you will. The ginger haired guy is a complete chancer, he will probably end up a stock broker/estate agent type or something like that. Some ego there. Not to be trusted.

      33. bjsalba says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:33 am

        Gave up on the SH months ago. No reason to change.

      34. gus1940 says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:34 am

        Like others commenting above I have always had my doubts about the Sunday Herald’s committment to Independence suspecting that it would turn out to be a Trojan Horse working for our colonial masters.

        One only has to ask what the motives are behind a paper whichdoes WM’s work for them tries to reduce the SNP vote in their desperation to deny us a second SNP majority government and the chance of REF2.

        It is a classic example of that old trick Divide and Rule and little, if any, desire for a bit of variety in those sitting at Holyrood supporting Independence.

        The only sure route to an SNP majority next month is SNP2.

        Once we have our Independence I would have no objections to the rise of multiple parties and as many people believe The SNP,as a party supported by those on all sides of the political spectrum, would almost certainly split.

        While I still feel that The National is sincere in its support for Independence it does concern me that it is full of articles and letters supporting the other supposedly Indy supporting parties in particular RISE.

      35. schrodingers cat says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:35 am

        interesting, the greens will campaign for yes in indyref2

        “Citizens as legislators
        . Citizens should be able to play a direct role in the legislative process: on presenting a petition signed by an appropriate number of voters, citizens should be able to trigger a vote on important issues of devolved responsibility. As we proposed on the one year anniversary of the Independence Referendum, this is the Scottish Greens’ preferred way of deciding to hold a second referendum on Independence. If a new referendum is to happen, it should come about by the will of the people, and not be driven by calculations of party political advantage. In such a referendum the Scottish Greens will campaign for independence. ”

      36. HandandShrimp says: 17 April, 2016 at 10:36 am

        On the plus side the Sunday Herald’s front page is a cracker and no amount of waffle from whoever was commenting with McColm can alter that

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      cuore.. Per me, quando sono stata a Parigi è stato così. Sì, lo so che è una città meravigliosa, che resta nel cuore senza problemi.. però non so, a me affascina! Mi rende felice, mi emoziona e tutte le
      Ricetta dal blog Lullaby food&props
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      Una girella nel cuore
      Una girella nel cuore ~ 14 febbraio 2012
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      Salva ricetta
      Ricetta dal blog Le dolci creazioni di maria
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      Cantucci nel cuore
      Cantucci nel cuore ~ 30 gennaio 2012
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      Salva ricetta
      O cantucci del cuore? O il cuore in un cantuccio?.....Non mi sono mai cimentata nella preparazione di questo buonissimo dolce toscano. Pensavo fosse difficile e impossibile per me. Ma grazie a questa
      Ricetta dal blog Sapori in concerto
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      Nel cuore del Salento
      Nel cuore del Salento ~ 2 ottobre 2015
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      Salva ricetta
      emozioni, facendovi viaggiare virtualmente nel "mio" Salento.Terra di mezzo, terra di incontro tra due mari, porto affacciato sul mediterraneo, crocevia di culture e popoli, terra del sole, del mare e del
      Ricetta dal blog I biscotti della zia
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      Cilento nel cuore
      Cilento nel cuore ~ 5 maggio 2016
      2 0
      Salva ricetta
      tornare. Ma il Cilento non è solo questo, non vi ho parlato dell'accoglienza delle persone che hanno l'ospitalità come primo ne ho conosciute di eccezionali nel mio viaggio, proprio quelle che
      Ricetta dal blog Il gattoghiotto
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      Umbria del mio cuore
      Umbria del mio cuore ~ 4 gennaio 2017
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      Salva ricetta
      tante volte, ma in cui è sempre molto bello tornare. E che non ci si stanca mai di fotografare.Un castello medievale come dimora.Sperduto nel nulla, circondato solo di quiete.Con muri così spessi che il
      Ricetta dal blog Pizza Fichi e Zighinì
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      Ricordi..... e segreti nel mio cuore.
      Ricordi..... e segreti nel mio cuore. ~ 10 ottobre 2012
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      Salva ricetta
      Ricordi.......e segreti nel mio cuore.....Carissime..da oggi e per tutta la settimana della Santa Pasqua,posterò in primo piano questo dipinto ad olio raffigurante una colomba,eseguito da mio padre
      Ricetta dal blog Le ricette di Ninì ,photograph & shabby.
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      Un paese nel cuore: the winner is
      Un paese nel cuore: the winner is ~ 7 agosto 2012
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      Salva ricetta
      ,Giacomoper essere stato l'unico uomo partecipante e senza avere un blog,Sabinaper il suo divertente episodio "muffa-muffin" ... nel mio cuore siete assolutamente tuttiarrivati al primo posto! ;-)Maveniamo al
      Ricetta dal blog La cucina di monique
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      È con (poca) gioia nel cuore
      È con (poca) gioia nel cuore ~ 19 maggio 2008
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      Salva ricetta
      paninetto a me non concesso nel pasto in cui è presente pasta o riso. piessebis - posto la foto del secondo mmf-esperimento: la torta di compleanno della mia ballerina cinquenne. Tema della decorazione e
      Ricetta dal blog La Golosastra
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      Il mio cuore di maglia
      Il mio cuore di maglia ~ 10 novembre 2009
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      Salva ricetta
      è esente da piccole imperfezioni, ma spero che, l'amore e la volontà che ho messo nel farla, giungano a destinazione e compensino gli errori tecnici.Il mio fidanzato dice che, sicuramente, ci sarà un bimbo
      Ricetta dal blog Il The delle cinque
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      Un pezzetto del mio cuore
      Un pezzetto del mio cuore ~ 6 maggio 2014
      1 0
      Salva ricetta
      con te per sempre quegli occhi e quei sorrisi, perchè lo sai che non ti abbandoneranno mai quegli occhi e quei sorrisi.... infatti, un pezzetto del mio cuore è là, a Nosy Be, con i bimbi della Missione
      Ricetta dal blog La gallina vintage
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      Trussardi alla Scala: l'alta cucina nel cuore di Milano
      Trussardi alla Scala: l'alta cucina nel cuore di Milano ~ 29 aprile 2016
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      Salva ricetta
      innovativa.Un esempio? Posso offrirvene 4, tutti quelli che abbiamo avuto il piacere di provare a realizzare (probabilmente l'attentissimo sous chef ha ancora da ridire sul mio operato alle prese con gli asparagi
      Ricetta dal blog Peperoni e patate
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      Pesce spada agghiotta. La Sicilia nel cuore.
      Pesce spada agghiotta. La Sicilia nel cuore. ~ 23 ottobre 2014
      12 0
      Salva ricetta
      l'Italia, che nel suo cognome racchiude il senso del suo girovagare!In Sicilia il mio primo viaggio da ragazza che si credeva grande, con la mia amica andammo a Siracusa, a Noto, e passammo una bellissima
      Ricetta dal blog La dolce cucina di Paola
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      Malta: un arcipelago nel cuore del Mediterraneo
      Malta: un arcipelago nel cuore del Mediterraneo ~ 6 gennaio 2008
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      Salva ricetta
      essendo abituati alla gente, sono molto docili e passeresti le ore a coccolarli. ...e questo sembra proprio il mio Filippo....... Altri posti visitati, ma di cui o non abbiamo foto o sono talmente pessime da non
      Ricetta dal blog Curiosando in cucina
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      Mi manchi sorella ma vivi nel mio cuore
      Mi manchi sorella ma vivi nel mio cuore ~ 19 giugno 2016
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      Salva ricetta
      come avete letto il titolo purtroppo mia sorella ci ha lasciato... Per ora non ho voglia di niente ma solo di pensare immaginare mia sorella e ricordarmela nei momenti che abbiamo trascorso insieme
      Ricetta dal blog Provare Per Gustare
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      E' Natale!!! Qui...ora...adesso...nel mio cuore.
      E' Natale!!! Qui...ora...adesso...nel mio cuore. ~ 21 dicembre 2011
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      Salva ricetta
      vengono adesso...scrivo di getto senza pensare alla grammatica...Sono felicissima! Tutte queste persone hanno famiglie che stasera hanno il Natale in casa, nel cuore...e queste famiglie hanno amici che con
      Ricetta dal blog ♥Fabipasticcio
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      La terra dentro il mio cuore
      La terra dentro il mio cuore ~ 28 maggio 2009
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      Salva ricetta
      Il pomeriggio era infuocato, come del resto lo sono tutti i pomeriggi di agosto.Niente ombre, solo stoppie e niente più erba, il cane addormentato che non avrebbe abbaiato assolutamente a nessuno e
      Ricetta dal blog Anna The Nice

      Il più grande parco divertimenti al coperto d'Italia
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      Il più grande parco divertimenti al coperto d’Italia

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