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icarushasfallen1324 asked:

If spooderwise gives someone a high five what would happen???

hugepennywisetrash answered:


Pennywise: Where did you go!!!!

34 notes Nov 28th, 2017
“Hiya! Sorry for being not active.. Exams are coming! Luckily we had a theme for art class. Our theme was ‘circus’
So whatcha think? Imma make my fave clown boiis for the exam!?
Update: click the pic for good quality!!”

Hiya! Sorry for being not active.. Exams are coming! Luckily we had a theme for art class. Our theme was ‘circus’
So whatcha think? Imma make my fave clown boiis for the exam!?

Update: click the pic for good quality!!
118 notes Nov 28th, 2017
“Pencil sketch commission for BCR.

Pencil sketch commission for BCR.

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“a perfectionist who wants to kill himself

a perfectionist who wants to kill himself

wow i love it :3333
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Robert “Bob” Gray alias Pennywise the Dancing Clown in Derry


Oh my

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“How to draw EARS tutorial by STUDIOBLINKTWICE

How to draw EARS tutorial by STUDIOBLINKTWICE

Source: studioblinktwice.deviantart.com
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Brand new design for Society6. check out my shop for some great deals this cyber monday.

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The Amazing Giant Marionettes created by French street theatre company Royal De Luxe in Montreal, Canada. 



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cherryknockout asked:

Starscream C2?

scoutology answered:


emoticon meme

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Alzheimer’s Caregiving – There’s An App For That!

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iStock_AppsThere are hundreds of applications available to help both those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease as well as their caregiving community. The trick is to wade through them all! But help is on the way. Here’s a list of some apps that have either received high ratings from users, or have been positively referenced on Alzheimer’s or other caregiving-focused sites. We haven’t personally evaluated any of these, nor can we formally recommend them. Many are free, however, so worth exploring. Some will be more appropriate in certain stages of the disease. Most are available on the iPad; all are available through the iTunes apps store.

Enjoyment Apps (including Music and Art)

There are enormous benefits in using an iPad to play games, listen to music or dabble with art: it relaxes people; distracts them from anxiety and pain; provides a mobile calming solution when waiting (doctor’s office); is generally supportive of poor eyesight constraints; and can become a wonderful common ground between older persons, their adult children and young grandchildren. Apps can help with social isolation and depression. Along with a few music-focused apps, here is a list of the top music choices for evoking memories; research has shown people best remember the music from their teens through their twenties.

“Yesterday USA Old Time Radio” – free – old time radio shows 1920-1950’s
“Pandora Radio” – free – personalize radio song-lists (note: free version has ads)
“Virtuoso” – free – play the piano
“Cajonazo” – free – music, learn to tap the screen to play flamenco rhythm sounds
“Fingerpaint Magic” – free – lets the user paint with a rainbow of colors
“Pocket Pond 2” – free – enjoy feeding the koi and decorating a pond
“Cake Doodle” – $ 0.99 – bake/decorate a cake, fun and evokes memories relating to cooking
“Pocket Penguins” – free – streaming live video from Calif Academy of Sciences’ penguin exhibit
“Slots Heaven” – free – slot machine game
“YouTube” and “Google Maps” – free – endless entertainment
“Let’s Create Pottery HD Lite” – free – tap creativity and reduce stress while making pottery
“Talking Tom Cat” – free – pet cat responds to touch and repeats what you say; silly and fun!

Relaxation (good for loved ones and caregivers!)

A slideshow of old family photos in a digital frame can be calming, or check out some of these apps to relax:

“Magic Window” – $2.99 – provides a variety of pleasant/changing window scenes
“Getty Images” – free – 46 million images, searchable by word (such as “sunset”); lovely
“Just Chimes” – $0.99 – listen to wind chimes in the breeze
“Calm Meditation and Mindfulness For Relaxation” – free – schedule your perfect calm
“Binaural Brain Game Relaxation Therapy” – free – game for relaxation/meditation
“Relax Melodies Oriental Meditation” – free – 36 peaceful sounds; create iTunes playlists
“Relaxing Sounds of Nature” – free – mix and match sounds; automatic shut-off timer

Memory and Focus

“It’s Done!” – $2.99 – track important daily tasks such as locking the door and turning off stove
“Lumosity” – free – memory and brain performance “workouts”
“Vismory” – $1.99 – memorize shapes, colors and positions of objects
“Fit Brains Trainer” – free – concentration, memory and problem-solving app
“Spaced Retrieval Therapy” – $3.99 – practice the memory of names, facts and routines
“Brainy App” – free – brain games for memory and thinking skills

Wandering/Tracking, GPS

“Comfort Zone Check-in Mobile” – free – mobile app allowing access to a full service offering
requiring subscription/monthly fee, Alzheimer’s location management program
“GPS Tracker” – free – locator for family member who has an iPhone/iPad with them
“GPS Tracking” – $3.99 – locator for family member who has an iPhone/iPad with them

Medication Management

“RXmindme” – free – medication reminder app
“Pill Reminder” – $0.99 – maintain prescription info, schedule reminders & access info
“MedCoach Medication” – free – medication reminder; can connect to your pharmacy


“Balance for Alzheimer’s Caregivers” – $0.99 – coordinate care/meds, track changes
“Caretaker” – free – prescription/medical records, reminders
“Capzule PHR Your Personal Health Record”- free – maintain health info on family
“Healthspek PHR Personal Health Record” – free – maintain health info
“Caregiver’s Touch” – $4.99 – store and share medical info/appointments/financial data/more
“Unfrazzle” – free – care coordination app, to do list, journaling
“Lotsa Helping Hands” – free – care coordination/task coverage by volunteers/calendar/blog
“CareZone” – free – store and share medical info/appointments/to do list/private data
“CareCoach” – free – collect info relating to doctor visits
“AD Caregiver Diary” – $4.99 – record medical symptoms/behaviors and map over time
“Skype for iPhone” – free – voice/video calls with anyone on Skype; share photos
“Cozi” – free – shared calendar and to do/lists for an entire family or caregiving team
“Tyze” – free – share messages, stories/updates, and photos among family or caregiving team

Alzheimer’s Information and Resources

“Balance for Alzheimer’s Caregivers” – $0.99 – caregiving tools, plus research and news
“WebMD” – free – mobile-optimized health information
“3D Brain” – free – interactive, 3D resource on the brain; shows disorders, functionality

There are hundreds of others, plus many web-based applications available. You can also search for apps on topics such as exercise, nutrition, or your loved one’s favorite hobbies (such as gardening, cooking, sports). If you have a favorite app, please share with others!

Blog written by Alzheimer’s Association Volunteer Diane Blum

Click here for more caregiver tips and expert advice from Family Care Specialist Stephanie


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  1. Norma says:

    I am president of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (www.atra-online.com. May we re-print this page in our newsletter? http://www.alzheimersblog.org/2013/08/19/alzheimers-caregiving-theres-app-that/

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Norma J Stumbo, Ph.D., CTRS, FALS

  2. Don says:

    Are these apps available on the Android Market?

  3. Christina Buczek says:

    Check out the new IPAD and IPAD MINI App called “MY MEMORY APP”. Now available on ITUNES, it is an app for people who have Alzheimers and other forms of Dementia, aphasia, Autism, developmental delay. All conditions characterized by impaired working memory.
    The App is endorsed by doctors, speech-language pathologists, and special education professionals. This is a “”””must have” app for people with Alzheimers.

  4. Lee Blattner says:

    Want information about Wandering/Tracking GPS for Dementia patients.

    • pguinto says:

      Hi Lee, here is a link to our medic alert program: https://www.alz.org/care/dementia-medic-alert-safe-return.asp and ComfortZone (which uses a GPS tracker): http://www.alz.org/comfortzone/about_comfort_zone.asp You can also call us at 800.272.3900 and we would be glad to send you more information or to discuss your options.

  5. shiva says:

    came to know about many apps which are useful for music, gps, food.

  6. Sarah says:


    I recently developed an app called Stimulate Dementia. It helps those with dementia be able to use Youtube to watch their favorite entertainers and some nature videos. It also offers a Q and A section to remind them of key pieces of information (with the use of simple flashing text and while listening to classical music). It can help even with advanced dementia because it requires very little of the user. Their loved one can set it up for them and they can just enjoy it. You can check out the app’s website at stimulatedementia.com and download it for yourself. You can email stimulatedementia@gmail.com for a promo code to download it for free. Please consider adding it to the list of apps that you recommend for dementia patients. Thanks, Sarah

  7. Anwar Sebastian Timol says:

    Feel free to download this app as well. It’s free and available on iTunes. The Alz App is a memory game that uses family photos and names to create word search puzzles. I hope you and your family will enjoy. No user data is collected and its totally free. I hope enjoy it as much as our family did. http://www.iphoneappstorm.com/iphone-apps/education/org.thealzapp.download/alzapp.php?id=811524671

  8. Kari Blair says:

    Hello! A new app created for both caregivers and individuals affected by memory loss is here! “Call Daisy” is for the population of smart phone users who are struggling with memory loss. Tailored voicemails can be attached to specific contacts in order to cue and reassure a loved one when a caregiver is unavailable to answer the phone. This is perfect for out of town respite periods or upcoming appointments that may be causing the loved one added anxeity or stress. Its just 1.99 on Google Play. Use is unlimited re time and amount of contacts/voicemails.

  9. Melissa - Seniorcare-homes.com says:

    Yeah. Thanks for those app list. I’ve tried some of them and those apps really helps. You can even get some of them free with complete features included. Interesting!

  10. Bruce Hallman says:

    My Mother has dementia. She has wondered out of her house several times while being watched by caregivers. They were either using the restroom, cooking for her, doing laundry, etc. My mom was found several blocks away one time and a neighbor spotted her and took her home.

    I’ve researched the internet for over 2 years looking for a device which would meet my needs. GPS doesn’t allow you to find her in a building because GPS does not work indoors. You need a direct line of site the the sky for GPS. So, these won’t work for me.

    I found Bluetooth devices that accomplish the same thing. However, Bluetooth is limited in the range of which they work. I could easily find her if she was in 30ft.-100ft. from my cell phone but when she’s down the street, there’s not a chance on Bluetooth working for me either.

    Bluetooth & GPS is what I need. There is not one available. So, I invented it. http://minimerlin.com/. This device gives the best of both worlds and is unmatched in technology, features, size, portability and versatility.

    Our prototype is complete and we are launching our crowd funding campaign soon. Our first production run will be in October 2015 with delivery in late November / early December. Just in time for Christmas!

    Our MiniMerlin works Internationally as well as USA / Canada. I am hoping that this device will be able to help solve other folks with similar situations as well. No one want to worry about our loved ones.

    This device is portable too. It can be used for locating lost children, lost / missing cell phone or car keys, forgetting where your car is parked, auto theft, purses / pocketbooks, boats, RVs, ATVs, UTVs, luggage, or anything that the MiniMerlin is attached to.

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly at bh@minimerlin.com. We are accepting pre-orders now at a significant discount to future retail prices. Promo Code: EarlyBird

    Gps tracker for Alzheimers Patients, Dementia, Autism, Tracking Device


    Thanks and we look forward to your feedback.

  11. Christopher Morris says:

    I decided to join an ALZ group and am becoming friends with some of the patients. One of them is an elderly lady who appears to understand everything I say but when she tries to speak she repeats “Ca ca ca ca ca ca”. It is as if there is something preventing her from being able to formulate the words. She wants to talk but can only make the sounds mentioned. Is there an app that enables a patient to point at words, or pictures that are used in everyday life? I would greatly appreciate any help on this, seeing her frustration is really difficult. She has things to say but can’t. There MUST be something to help her.

  12. Carol says:

    My mom won’t use technology. I have a cell phone and wondered if there is an app that allows a phone call to her and I have a recorder reminder message on it.

    • Alzheimer's Association Staff says:

      Hi Carol, we recommend calling our helpline at 800.272.3900 to see if they have ideas for you possibly on apps but also other solutions (since your mom won’t use technology).

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    […] are also apps to help caregivers and their loved ones relax, play, and focus (not all of these are available on all […]

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