I have always loved music growing up. When I was little I wanted to be a singer when I grew older. I even wanted to be Hannah Montana for a while, too. When middle school rolled around, kids my age were just getting a taste of the exciting things we could do on a computer. I mean I used Paint probably every day for a while. Because music is so important and a big part of our life when we're younger, it made sense that my friends and I went to search for music on the internet. It started with YouTube and eventually I was introduced to Pandora Internet Radio.

I have had my Pandora account for almost six or seven years. Throughout middle school, high school, and now college, I have listened to countless hours of music on Pandora while working on projects, papers, and more. Not only have I listened to Pandora for school related activities, but my friends and I have listened to it during many car rides, many sleepovers, and many pool adventures. That is one of the main reasons I love Pandora so much! There is literally a station for any event or occasion. Because of my small addiction to listening to Pandora, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite stations:

1. Stevie Wonder Radio

Stevie Wonder Radio is the best for school work. The songs are mildly upbeat, but also soothing. I have written many papers during my first year of college and this radio station has helped me through it.

2. Jack Johnson Radio

Jack Johnson Radio is another one of those stations when I needed something to keep me calm and do work, or just relax. The best part about this station is the vibe it creates. It makes you feel peaceful and sometimes that is needed when doing homework for five hours.

3. Outkast Radio

Outkast Radio is perfect for dancing. If you're feeling like getting down to some funky tunes with a cool sound, this station provides exactly that.

4. Disney Songs and Story (Children's) Radio

This radio station is the best when you're feeling nostalgic. Disney Songs and Story (Children's) Radio is one of the best stations for a sing-along. Sometimes I try to guess the story or movie the song is from before the singing begins just to see if I remember my favorite Disney stories.

5. Chris Brown Radio

For my group of friends, Chris Brown is their favorite radio station to listen to when we're all taking a trip somewhere in the car. My friends really get into it and love rapping and singing their favorite songs while creating new dance moves.

6. 2000's Country Radio

Some of my favorite country songs of all time were from the mid-2000's. This station is great for reminiscing about my childhood sing-alongs in the car with my family.

7. 90's Alternative Radio

This radio station is one of my top three stations. My co-worker and I jam out all the time to this station! It's one of those stations you just want to scream out all the lyrics of the songs and jump around to.

Although I could probably go on and on about some of the best stations on Pandora, I'm sure you already have some of your own. I suggest checking some of these out, but obviously, keep your favorites, too! I'm always up for new music, so tell me some of your favorite Pandora stations.