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Faith. Family. Farm Wood Sign by JoJoRaeHome on Etsy
Little Farmstead: A Custom Vintage Farmhouse Style Sign
Home is where our herd is, farm sign Farm sign decor, cow farmer, dairy, be gdhjirrd. <a href=Braceletes estilo pandoraef, home is where our herd is, hand painted art, On the farm word art, Rustic decor, farm house style Approximate Size: 9.5 x16 Signs are made on 3\4 pineboard The sign is all hand painted, no vinyl, & sealed with a matte sealer. Back has a saw tooth hanger for easy hanging. Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion of orders , plus shipping time. Let me know if a rush orders needed. Visit my little shop to view..." src="" srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" style="-webkit-transition:opacity 0.04s linear;transition:opacity 0.04s linear;border-radius:inherit;opacity:1;display:block;margin:0 auto;border:0px;width:100%;max-width:100%;vertical-align:middle;position:relative;height:157.33333333333334px;" data-reactid="26"/>
farmhouse sign//farmers market sign//antiques sign//milk and dairy sign//wooden arrow//farm sweet farm sign//fresh eggs sign//pantry sign//eat sign//kitchen sign//support your local farmers sign//s…
Taking a truck bed trailer and reusing it as a 'farm stand'... a double repurpose!
Creative Country Mom's Garden: My Trip To Chandelier Barn Market.... Ever dreamed of hosting your own Country Living Fair? That is what my new friend Lisa Wilson dreamed of.... And she lived in the perfect place to do it... Wilson Farm in Southern Indiana. See all the photos here....
Muestra de Decrotive madera rústica por EverydayCreationsJen
- Order Details - Description - Specs - FREE SHIPPING ON YARD SIGNS!!! Pricing: See pricing below. Turn-Around Time: 7-14 days to manufacture & ship. Look: - Material: Reclaimed wood with your choice
Farm Sweet Farm FIxer Upper Farmhouse Sign
Alright, so after watching 20 episodes of Fixer Upper back to back, I’ve grown quite fond (obsessed?) with the farmhouse look. In…
Vintage Farm Animal Vectors by Eclectic Anthology on Creative Market
Custom Family sign Vintage Farmstead farmhouse original design handpainted
Creative Garden Sign Ideas and Projects • Lots of great Ideas and Tutorials! Including, from 'the elegant nest', this wonderful hand painted garden sign project.
Wooden cow sign Vintage style cow sign farm by DesignHouseDecor
Gorgeous pieces here! Junk Chic Cottage: Dining Room Reveal

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What are some tips on writing a fairy tale?

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5 Answers
Joe Velikovsky

Q: What are some tips on writing a fairy tale?

A: Firstly there are at least 2 x books you probably need to read, to do it, "properly".

They are:

  1. Propp, V. ([1928] 1958). Morphology of the Folk Tale. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
  2. Campbell, J. (1949). The Hero With A Thousand Faces. New York: Pantheon Books.

Both of them (Propp and Campbell) study many fairy tales and myths, for common tropes (i.e., story elements).

You probably want to hit all the "classic" tropes, or at least put a creative spin on them if you do choose to break with tradition...

And - if you don't have time to read the books, the actual "templates" are here:

The Story Structure Countdown: How Different ‘Experts’ Say You Should Structure a Story

(Do a FIND ie CTRL-F on "Propp" and "Campbell" on that page)

But to really understand what those templates are doing, you should read those 2 books above.

See also:

StoryAlity #27 – Narratology since Plato – a Brief Lit Review

Hope that helps!!!

And have fun with it.


PS - Obviously a modern-day / contemporary fairy tale has different "rules" and tropes. Movies like the Shreks were very `meta', very self-conscious about being set in a fairy-tale storyworld... 

I see Maleficent (film) seemed to use Maureen Murdock's system...

See the structure of it on Greg Miller's page:

The Story Structure Countdown: How Different ‘Experts’ Say You Should Structure a Story

ie It's (Murdock) a female perspective, or "version" of, a heroes journey "monomyth" (a la Joe Campbell, 1949)...

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Timothy Singleton

One great tip is this.  Think of something that you do not know the explanation for and make up a fantastical origin for it.

There are several fairy tale books that give an explanation for why the bear has no tale.  These are not accurate of course, but they make for some lively reading. 

In the bear tale, we are told that the bear once had a tale and decided to go ice fishing by sticking his tale down through the hole to use as a line, whereupon it froze off!  he did this on the advice of a friendly otter.  Various folklore and fairytale books lay the story out with differences in the details.

The motto of the story was "Don't do what others tell you to do."  This is another good piece of advice.  Consider having your story express a piece of advice or motto.  The reader will have learned something.

Lucy Smith

First of all, do your research. There's nothing worse than a folklore-type story that has plot holes. The point of fairy tales is to inform (like in cautionary tales) and entertain. If your story has a slip up, no matter how small, people will a) think it's less professional and b) get distracted from the overall story. I would recommend doing a list of all of the important (and not important) details of your story. This allows your reader to become truly immersed in the story, and lets you get to know your story better.

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