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Play the Extreme Pamplona game.

A running bull is chasing you through the streets of Europe!

1-2-3-GO! It's the yearly 'Running of the Bulls' in the Spanish city of Pamplona. You play as a Torero who joins the run after a big bull was let loose. Be fast and don't get trampled over. A game made for Sure Men Deodorant.

Use ARROW LEFT and RIGHT keys to run. Press ARROW UP or SPACEBAR to jump over obstacles.

Also play: Bullrun Fever

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game: Extreme Pamplona
Rating: 4.05 stars of 5 - Votes: 3324
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Il più grande parco divertimenti al coperto d'Italia
Tantissime attrazioni per tutta la famiglia e giostre per ragazzi
Divertimento tra lo zucchero filato e la frutta caramellata

Il più grande parco divertimenti al coperto d’Italia

16-17 dicembre 2017
Dal 22 dicembre 2017 al 7 gennaio 2018
13-14 gennaio 2018


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